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Advantages of an e-wallet as a method for depositing money in online casinos

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19th Feb 21 10:01 am

What are the most effective ways to deposit money for players in online casinos and gaming affiliates? Skrill and Neteller were the strongest means of money transactions in regard to this, but do they still have such status?

If you are a poker player or a fan of online casinos and affiliate gaming programs, but also of an e-wallet (digital wallet), this is definitely the article for you. Here we will explain which deposit methods are best for online casino providers and poker rooms.

Wagers generally avoid credit cards for deposits or avoid money transfers that would link their gambling activities to their bank account. Therefore, owning a digital wallet gives discretion to the player’s online activity. Since e-wallet brands are usually in partnership with MasterCard, spending the money earned or withdrawing cash from ATMs is also part of their services.

Are you looking for a discreet and fast payment method when you gamble

Digital wallets are a fantastic payment method if you want to transfer funds quickly and discreetly. In the world of online casinos, several digital wallets dominate the market, mainly because they offer payment methods that are better and more advanced than their competition.

The market leaders are Skrill and Neteller, and they are the brands of Paysafe Group, along with ecoPayz and MuchBetter. Bettors and even traders can use this deposit method which is accepted by most gaming brands, as well as by trading platforms. Thanks to this, Skrill and Neteller are far ahead of their competition, although smaller brands may change the rules of the game in the future.

EcoPeyz as an unfairly neglected e-wallet

Before we move onto most spread payment platforms through digital wallets, let’s talk a bit about one belonging to this group but that is somehow neglected – ecoPayz.

EcoPayz (formerly known as ecoCard) is an international online bank and online payment processor that allows you to make quick, easy and secure money transactions over the Internet. EcoPayz is a good alternative to well-known and popular online banks and payment processors in the world of online betting, such as Skrill or Neteller. With ecoPayz, you can quickly deposit and withdraw money from online bookmakers and online casinos.

EcoPayz cards are MasterCard cards that are linked to your ecoPayz account, and with them, you can then continue to make secure payments or withdraw winnings from ecoPayz online casinos. There are two types of ecoPayz cards: ecoPayz MasterCard and ecoVirtualcard. With the latter, you can do any online shopping or pay directly to online bookmakers, while ecoPayz MasterCard is a real physical debit card, a prepaid card, that you get at your home address, and with whom you can then continue to shop or withdraw money in any country and at any ATM with a MasterCard mark, and you can also pay online.

Do you need to verify your EcoPayz account

Yes, because ecoPayz verification is important to gain full access and remove all restrictions from your ecoPayz account. By verifying your account, you have the option of upgrading to gold VIP status with the highest transfer limits.

For the verification of your ecoPayz account, you need to provide a valid copy of some of your ID documents, a document that can confirm your residential address, and a photo of yourself holding that ID document.

Skrill is built into the way all major gaming brands do business

Skrill is an e-wallet from Paysafe Group that is accepted everywhere in the Internet gaming industry. If a gambler wants to make a deposit in a poker room, a Skrill account is the fastest option.

This is supported by the fact that casino and poker websites, in general, like to work with e-wallets as it allows them to make quick money transactions.

How to verify your skrill account

Although this is a discreet payment method, your Skrill account must be verified in order to be able to make transfers of larger amounts of money, as well as to receive money in your account. Even if you play with small amounts, in order to transfer your earnings from the casino site to the Skrill e-wallet, you will need a verified account. If your Skrill account is not verified, Skrill will block the account in case of transactions of a larger amount.

Therefore, if you plan to play, i.e. to gamble, bet or trade using Skrill, verify your account immediately after registration and a first deposit. Verification will open all your account options and allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, send money in your country or abroad, get a Skrill Prepaid MasterCard and earn Knect reward points (a part of the Skrill Loyalty Program).

To verify your Skrill account, you need to upload the front and back of your identification document and use a webcam or mobile app for face recognition and verification. Skrill changed the verification process in March 2020. A verified account is a prerequisite for upgrading to Skrill VIP Program.

Neteller – from forex to gaming

This e-wallet has become equally popular in the world of sports betting after it made a breakthrough with forex traders for making deposits. This is because Neteller users can rely on fast pay-ins and payouts.

Like Skrill, since the advent of e-wallets, Neteller has been integrated into both trading and gaming platforms. The continuity of Neteller’s services and trust among players has led to the result that this payment method is used by more than 23 million people worldwide.

Advantages of Neteller account verification

Poker players and tipsters usually work with affiliates, who direct them to exclusive offers, Rakeback options (Rakeback is a refunded portion of your rake /commission fee taken by some cardrooms operating a poker game/), as well as bonus deals. But e-wallet affiliates can also speed up the process of obtaining Neteller VIP status on accounts, as well as other Neteller offers.

For example, affiliates working with the Paynura platform may request that their client receive an upgrade to a Neteller VIP account immediately. However, a prerequisite for obtaining Neteller VIP status is a verified account. To do that, you need to upload ID photos (both sides of your ID document), take a selfie with your webcam or the mobile app and upload the address document.

Did you understand after this text why more and more people are using the e-wallet for betting and gambling? Become a part of that world with secure money transactions and winnings in online casinos around the world.


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