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Russia warns nuclear war in Europe is inevitable and up to ‘250 million’ will be killed

by LLB political Reporter
12th Apr 24 12:19 pm

A Russian professor has accused European citizens of choosing “morons to lead you” and they are the ones who have “f***ed up the present” as result.

Professor Dmitry Evstafiev said spoke Russia’s state owned Rossiya 1 TV that for Europe it is now inevitable that there will be a nuclear strike which will kill “250 million,” the Daily Star reported.

He warned that Vladimir Putin will fire nuclear weapons on Europe as a result of their support for Ukraine.

He said that Putin intends “to change the future of Europe” which will see “200 million to 250 million dead or maimed.”

He said that Paris could be the primary target for “five or six nuclear missiles.”

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Evstafiev said, “We should explicitly name the European cities that will be destroyed. And how many casualties there will be after five or six nuclear missiles hit Paris, and so on.”

He added that the US could escape a direct hit, “By the way, Americans are fine, they are OK… well, maybe some cloud will reach.

“But unfortunately, all of our attempts to turn the Europeans’ brains on are unsuccessful.

“I think we should put aside our false sensitivity that there will be no European nuclear war. No, there will be. And we have to state it directly.”

He continued, “Every European should receive a postcard from us in their mailbox – a postcard with his house, NATO military facility, the place where there will be a strike and what will be left of their house.”

This would “make every European citizen understand that they can die too”, Evstafiev reckons, “because for the last 60 years the European citizen has lived in a complete sense of immortality.”

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