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FSB claims the elite ‘Special Boat Service’ is operating in Ukraine and ‘Britain is in the conflict’

11th Apr 24 3:33 pm

Russian security services have said they have evidence that a “a unit of the Special Boat Service” (SBS) is operating in the Ukraine.

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) which are the new KGB from the Soviet-era have claimed British special forces are helping Ukrainian forces to undertake military operations.

The FSB said that they foiled a plan by the SBS to help Ukrainian saboteurs to the Black Sea on to the Tendrov Split which is a sandbar.

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A senior Ukrainian special forces soldier was captured and his unit is being “supervised by a unit of the Special Boat Service (SBS) which indicates the direct involvement of Britain in the conflict.”

This could bring the British special forces into direct military engagement with Russia which NATO will not want.

Last month secret military communications were intercepted as a German air chief was discussing UK “troops on the ground” in Ukraine.

The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz “referred to British and French troops being in Ukraine.”

Russia warned that that this shows NATO are “preparing for war” and the Kremlin said that this “shows involvement of the West” in the war inside Ukraine.

In February Rishi Sunak’s spokesperson said that the UK will not deploy British troops to Ukraine in a large-scale.

The spokesperson said, “Beyond the small number of personnel we do have in country supporting the armed forces of Ukraine, we haven’t got any plans for large-scale deployment.”

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