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New real-time communication tool that breaks down language barriers launches to market

by LLB Reporter
12th Apr 24 1:17 pm

A new and innovative emotion-based communication tool has launched to market that enables people to truly connect, by breaking down the barriers of language and cultural nuances through the power of tech.

Powered by cutting-edge AI, emotii is a new desktop and smartphone application that enables real-time authentic communication between individuals – regardless of their location or language.

Set to rival WhatsApp and redefine how we connect across languages and cultures, emotii enables users to set up a profile and send and receive messages in their own language, automatically translating words, tone of voice and emotion in real-time to ensure all communication is received in the native tongue.

Moving far beyond the capability of direct translation tools, emotii is set to revolutionise the world and drive a new era of superhuman connectivity. From forging connections with cultural heritage, to driving the development of new relationships, individuals can now speak to anyone worldwide without the requirement for translation.

For the business community, emotii is a game-changer, enabling companies to reach and authentically engage with new customers, talent and suppliers overseas, successfully breaking down language barriers that once hindered true international interaction.

Marcus Diggle, Chief Strategy Officer at emotii explained: “emotii will empower global talent to do business without the linguistic barriers that currently exert a downward pressure that stops many companies from being able to exploit the global wage arbitrage for discrete tasks.

“emotii will also have a profound influence for human connections, from expanding the global dating pool to making studying abroad much easier – the superhuman intelligence behind emotii will lead to superhuman levels of connection. We can’t wait to bring the world a little closer for everybody.”

Available in 126 different languages, emotii is now available to download for free via Google Play and the Apple App Store.

For more information, visit: https://www.emotii.ai

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