Home Business News Polish fighter jets scramble as Russian forces fire hypersonic missiles

Polish fighter jets scramble as Russian forces fire hypersonic missiles

11th Apr 24 11:46 am

Russian forces launched hypersonic missiles that came very close to NATO’s border causing Polish and allied fighter jets to scramble.

Russian forces targeted Ukrainian energy facilities destroying one completely using Kinzhal hypersonic missiles and Kh-101s and Iskanders.

The port of Odessa and Kharkiv were also attacked over night and Ukraine shot down 21 Shahed drones.

There was a total of 82 drones and missiles fired by Russia targeting a total of 10 regions and thermal and hydroelectric power plants were targeted.

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Operational Command of Warsaw’s Armed Forces said, “Polish and allied aircraft operate in the airspace, which may result in increased noise levels, especially in the southeast area of the country.

“Intense long-range aviation activity of the Russian Federation is observed tonight, due to rocket strikes on objects on Ukrainian territory. All necessary procedures aimed at ensuring the safety of Polish airspace have been launched.”

It is the latest case of Putin increasing attacks on western Ukraine – close to the NATO frontier. The NATO scramble came after UK ex-premier Boris Johnson demanded Ukraine be admitted to the Alliance while also calling for more military aid for the country.

The former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for Ukraine to be made part of NATO and is demanding more military aid.

He said, “Ukraine has chosen to be a free, independent European nation oriented towards the west, towards the EU, towards NATO.

“Ukraine must join NATO.

“That is the only logical way through this.” Fears such a move would provoke Putin must not prevent action, said Johnson, who has been one of Kyiv’s most steadfast allies in the war.

“We tried that … and look where that left us,” he said. “With the worst war in Europe for 80 years. NATO is the body that gives certainty and stability and will bring peace. But in the meantime, give those Ukrainians what they need.”

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