Home Business News Ukraine warns Russians ‘not to approach Russian military facilities’ as attacks will be stepped up in Crimea

Ukraine warns Russians ‘not to approach Russian military facilities’ as attacks will be stepped up in Crimea

by LLB political Reporter
17th Aug 22 11:31 am

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has called on all residents in Crimea, Donbas and the southern regions, not to “approach Russian military facilities.”

“Every day and night we see reports of explosions in the territory” which is temporarily occupied by Russia.

President Zelensky said on Tuesday evening, “I ask all our people in Crimea, in the south of our state, in the occupied regions of Donbas and Kharkiv region, to be very careful.

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“Please do not approach Russian military facilities army and all those places where they store ammunition and equipment, where their headquarters are located.”

He added, “In particular, I quote the definition of the occupiers themselves, ‘bungling.’

“But they all have the same meaning: the destruction of the logistics of the occupiers, their ammunition, military and other equipment, command posts saves the lives of our people.

“The less opportunities the occupiers will have to do evil and kill Ukrainians the sooner we can end this war with the liberation of our land.

“The queue these days to leave Crimea for Russia across the bridge proves that the vast majority of citizens of the terrorist state already understand or at least feel that Crimea is not a place for them.”

He continued, “We must do – and will do – everything to preserve this nationwide foundation of defense.

“In order for Ukraine’s support in the world not to decrease, and for our state to move towards victory, our own activity of absolutely everyone who in one way or another stood up for defense of our state.

“Do everything as you did for Ukraine.

“We must do everything so that it is not we and not our friends and partners who are tired, but our enemy.

“In order for us to drive the occupiers out of Ukraine, every day it should become more and more difficult for Russia to fight – this is our number one military-political task.”

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