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5 quotes Nadine Dorries will seriously regret now she's been reinstated by Tories

by LLB Editor
9th May 13 12:15 pm

Cameron is “patronising and sexist”, Osborne “machiavellian”

Right. So Nadine Dorries is now pally with the Tories again. The former Mid-Bedfordshire MP, who was suspended by the Conservative Party for skipping Parliament because she was on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, is “delighted” to be allowed to rejoin.

Dorries was hit by a double whammy last year. She got voted out of the Aussie jungle, despite eating camel toe and ostrich anus, and then came back to Britain only to find she’d been suspended from the party.

Result? Dorries launched blistering attacks on David Cameron and George Osborne. (But then again, it wasn’t for the first time, as the below quotes will show.)

Now that she’s apologised “to the chief whip for absenting herself from her parliamentary duties without permission” and has given “assurances” for her Parliamentary conduct, will she regret her words? We suspect so.

Take a look at the most scathing Dorries versus the Tories quotes:

1. She wishes Boris was PM, as Cameron’s No.10 is “controlling”

In an interview with The Sun, Dorries said that she “longs for the day Boris Johnson is Prime Minister” and was unhappy with the way Cameron’s government “tampers” with people’s views.

“There is a real control mechanism under Cameron in No.10 now. MPs and how they vote are tampered with,” she said.

She then went on to say the BoJo was her “hero” and would be more “statesmanlike” if he became PM.

“He [Boris] wouldn’t tamper with people’s views, unlike what happens now in Cameron’s Westminster, and he would be more statesmanlike.”

2. On Cameron and Osborne being “infantile and stupid”

Dorries said that a “degree of panic” dominated Downing Street after her appearance on the show, and that Cameron and Osborne thought that she would do something to “damage” them.

“They [Cameron and Osborne] thought, ‘What can we do to distance her and rubbish her quickly before she rubbishes us?’ It was completely infantile and stupid.”

3. Calling Cameron “patronising and sexist”

Back in 2011, Cameron called Dorries “frustrated” at Prime Minister’s Questions when she beckoned the PM to show Nick Clegg “who’s the boss”. She later went on to say Cameron apologised to her.

But come 2012 and Dorries still hadn’t buried the hatchet. “It was a patronising, sexist thing to do, and that’s not the act of a statesman or someone worthy of the position of Prime Minister.”

4. Saying George Osborne “manipulates people”

Dorries has never really had a good word to say about Osborne.

Last year she said: “George Osborne is a Machiavellian who manipulates people and practises dark arts”.

5. And, of course, that “posh boys” comment

In an interview with The FT, Dorries branded Cameron and Osborne “two public school boys who don’t know what it’s like to go to the supermarket and have to put things back on the shelves because they can’t afford it for their children’s lunch boxes”. She also branded the pair “posh boys”.

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