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3 Steps to Good Customer Service

26th Apr 18 11:32 am

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Achieving great customer service will boost your brand’s reputation and improve the loyalty of your customers. Shoppers who feel valued when they enter your store or visit your brand website are more likely to return and spend their money again, along with spreading positive messages about your business to their family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Getting ahead with customer service for your brand is easier than you may realize. Read on for our top tips on providing a customer experience that won’t disappoint.

Anticipate customer needs:

The first step to improving customer service within your business is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes, get to know them and better understand things from their perspective. Knowing how your customers feel, why they feel that way, and what they want from your brand will make it easier for you to finalize sales and build great relationships.

Social media is one of the best tools you have for getting to know your customers and understanding them better. Improve engagement across all your brand’s social media profiles by actively creating and sharing new content, directing questions at your customers, and promptly responding to any queries. You can also use social media polls, competitions, and games to gain a better understanding of what your customers prefer. Lastly, always use a reputable social media analytics tool to help you gauge opinions, preferences, and more.

Be civil, respectful and friendly:

‘The customer is always right’ is probably one of the oldest and most-used phrases in customer services. Whilst anyone who’s ever worked directly with customers will tell you that the customer is most definitely not always right, the trick here is to always treat them as if they are. Let’s say you have a customer who’s contesting a price – you know that they’re wrong, but how you handle the situation will make all the difference to finalizing the sale. Be respectful and tactful; even the angriest of customers will calm down if they’re treated correctly.

Make being friendly and approachable to your customers a key point in your business; if your employees are based in a store, simply smiling at customers when they walk in can help to put them at ease.

Use the right tools and program:

Depending on the type of service that your business provides to its customers, there may be a range of software tools, programs, and applications that you can use to help streamline the customer service process. For example, if your customers are calling up an IT helpdesk, a help desk software program that allows you to remotely correct issues, sets up a ticket system for users, and helps you to communicate better via web chat will make sure that your customers are getting everything that they need.

When choosing software, look for a program that focuses on streamlining and improving the customer experience. Your aim should be to provide customer service that not only makes the customer feel valued, but also provides them with the products, services, or answers that they need.

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