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11 ways to boost your home’s curb appeal

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18th Mar 20 2:56 pm

If you’re thinking of selling your home, a lack of curb appeal could be what’s putting prospective buyers off. Your home’s exterior is like a book cover; it sets the stage for what’s inside and forms the first impression that viewers get of your property. Whether you’re interested in selling your home in the future, or simply want to improve the way your home looks for your own enjoyment, adding more curb appeal tends to be an easy, inexpensive way to both make your home look a lot nicer, and give its value a boost in the process. Here are some of the best things that you can do to make sure that your home makes a better first impression.

Tidy up your lawn

Lawn care is a simple yet hugely effective part of maintaining curb appeal. Regularly caring for your lawn by keeping it mowed and trimmed, raking away any loose leaves, and pulling up leaves will make a huge difference to your home’s appearance from the curb. Keep your lawn well-watered to prevent any brown spots and make sure that it stays nice and green. As long as you keep up with it regularly, lawn care shouldn’t take very long and won’t become a massive job. If you live somewhere dry where it’s difficult to keep grass fresh and green, consider some alternatives like artificial turf or shrub beds.

Make your front door pop

Having your front door stand out rather than blend in can be one of the easiest, yet best, ways to boost curb appeal. Painting your front door should cost you less than £100 easily and it’s a fairly easy DIY job for anybody to get involved in, even if you’re not a DIY buff. Choose a bold colour that enhances and complements the other colours at the exterior of your home, rather than clashes with them. Going bold is absolutely fine and a great way of making your home stand out on the street, but it’s a good idea to hold a swatch up before you start painting, to ensure that the final result is what you’re looking for.

Improve your driveway

If your driveway is looking a little old and tired, taking some time to improve it can be an easy way to boost the overall look of your home’s exterior. And, doing it yourself is easier than you might realise. You can complete your own concrete driveway following some simple instructions and with the right materials. Use the concrete mix calculator at Mixit to determine how much you will need. Just enter the details of your project and work it out using this calculator to make sure that you get just the right amount you need. MixIt sells a wide range of concrete that you can use; check out the range and find the best option for your driveway improvement project.

Light it up

A dark entryway isn’t welcoming at all, so if you already have a light by your door, it might be worth replacing it with something a little brighter, fresher and more fun. Clean off all the debris, dust and cobwebs around any outdoor light fixtures that you have; this will immediately make the entire space appear much brighter and cleaner. If you need any additional light sources to brighten things up even more, use solar-powered lanterns to light up the pathway to your front door, or hang some string lights in your porch.

Use symmetry

Symmetrical patterns are great as they create focal points that are really aesthetically pleasing to look at, instantly making your home look more put together. You can achieve this look by placing matching plants or wall lanterns at either side of your door, or your garage door if you don’t have enough room at your front door. If you have a pathway or stepping stones leading to your front door, you can achieve this using solar-powered lanterns or plants along each side.

Keep your gutters clean

Clean your gutters both inside and outside. Take the time to clean out any debris in them and really scrub the outsides until they look as good as new – or at least as close to new and you can get them. Not only will this make your home look much cleaner and put together from the outside, but you’ll also be surprised at how much more efficient it makes things, too – especially when it rains.

Upgrade your house number

If your house number is a little old and drab you can easily and quickly modernise the way your home appears from the outside by removing it and replacing it with something a little more modern and interesting. Choose a font that fits in with your home’s architecture, but is also distinctive enough to pop and grab the attention of passers-by. Even if DIY isn’t your strongest point, removing and replacing the numbers is a really easy job that anybody can do in no time.

Hide electrical fixtures

An electrical box on the front of your home might be necessary, but it can really stand out for all the wrong reasons. The good news is that a quick paint job can be an easy way to disguise the fixture so that it blends in with your home rather than being a bit of an eyesore. You should go with a colour of paint that matches your home, and switch the electric off at the mains before you begin painting.

Take care of small repairs

Taking care of any small repairs at the front of your home can make a bigger difference than you might realise. Burned out bulbs, chipped paint, or ripped screens might be small flaws but when you’ve spent a lot of time getting the rest of your exterior picturesque, they can really stand out – and not for the right reasons. It’s definitely worth taking the day to fix them. Walk around your home and make a note of anything that requires fixing.

Power wash

There are few things more satisfying than taking a power washer to years of grime and dirt built up on your driveway, pathway and the sides of your home. And, it’s a really easy job, too – just fill the power washer up and blast it at the areas that need cleaning. If you don’t have a power washer of your own, you can rent one from most hardware stores.

Utilise outdoor furniture

Don’t just focus on the front of your home; the back and side of your home can contribute to curb appeal too, especially when it comes to how you use outdoor furniture. Getting the balance right is crucial; too much furniture can make things look cluttered, while not enough can lead to it looking scarce or neglected. Make sure that any garden furniture you use is clean and in good condition. If you only have a small garden or yard, you might want to consider using simple ceramic stools and a small table with a cute planter.

When it comes to increasing curb appeal, there are several simple and easy jobs that can have a massive impact on how your home looks from the outside. Cleaning things up and making small repairs can have a bigger effect than you realise.

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