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10 whacky facts about Christmas

21st Nov 16 11:07 am

Do you know these facts about Christmas?

Christmas will soon be around the corner but do you know these 10 whacky facts?

1. Early depictions of St. Nicolas make him out to be a stern symbol of discipline rather than the jolly, overweight man that children know today.

2. People use to tell ghost stories as an old Christmas Eve tradition but it has died out over the past century.

3. Some Zoos will accept donated Christmas trees to feed to their animals.

4. Although now mostly vegetarian, in Victorian times, mince pies were made with beef and spices.

5. Hanging stockings out comes from the Dutch custom of leaving shoes packed with food for St Nicholas’s donkeys. He would leave small gifts in return.

6. Almost 60m Christmas trees are grown around Europe each year.

7. The chances of a white Christmas are just 1 in 10 for England and Wales, and 1 in six for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

8. Before turkey became the traditional meal at Christmas, people used to eat a pig’s head with mustard.

9. You can eat many of the parts on a Christmas tree, the needles are a good source of vitamin C.

10. There are 13 different Santa’s in Iceland, they each leave a gift for children. They come down from the mountain one by one, starting on December 12 and have names like Spoon Licker, Door Sniffer and Meat Hook.

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