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Where to eat and buy horsemeat in London

25th Feb 13 12:57 pm

All that talk of pony burgers got you hankering for an equine snack? Find where to eat horse in London with our essential horsemeat buyer’s guide

So you want to eat horsemeat? Looking for London restaurants selling horsemeat? Or fancy rustling up a pony panini at home and need to buy horsemeat in London?

Neigh worry – we’ve got it all hay, sorry, here for you. And keep checking back on this feature, as we’re hearing rumours of more London restaurants that will be making announcements later this week about their new horsemeat offerings in London.

The Lord Nelson, Southwark – horseburgers

This funky SE1 boozer is offering 8oz horse burgers with onions, chips, salad and mushrooms for £11. The horse meat is sourced from Gamston Wood Farm (see below). It serves food from 12pm – 8pm Monday to Thursday and until around 5pm on Friday and Saturday. Call 020 7207 2701.

NEW ADDITION: The Three Compasses, Dalston – horseburgers

This East London boozer has just added horse to its menu, with four different horse burgers. The diddy 2oz “Shetland” provides a wee pitter-patter of pony on your palette for £4. The “Trojan”, at £11, is for those could – literally – eat a horse. The pub has sourced its horse from France.

Gamston Wood Farm stall at Borough Market – horsemeat

Gamston Wood Farm is based in North Nottinghamshire but has a stall at Borough Market every Friday and Saturday, open from 9 to 6. Its horse haunch steaks are £17.50 a kilo, and it also does horseburgers for £2.50 each. Sue from Gamston tells LondonlovesBusiness.com that the horsemeat was very popular last week, so they’ve got in plenty extra this week to meet the high demand.

Flogging a Dead Horse – horsemeat dining club

The Flogging a Dead horse dining club has been running underground horse meat dinners for a while now. It’s all rather covert, but you can email the team there to find out when their next event is to get a taste of our furry friends. The club runs London events every few months.

Buy horsemeat online

ExoticMeats.co.uk sells horsemeat among a range of other, well, exotic meats. You can get two burgers for £3.95, which the site describes as having “a soft delicate taste, like a young beef but slightly sweeter”. It includes the following “important notice”: “All of our horse burgers contain horse meat, we do not add beef to our horse burgers”.

Kezie Foods offers a range of horsemeat products, starting at £2.20 for two horse, red wine and mustard burgers, with steaks, rump roasts and meatballs also available.

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Been mare, done that (i.e. expired events)

Oliver Peyton pop-up at the National Gallery’s Café – horse menu

For the equine connoisseurs among you, uber restaurateur Oliver Peyton will be serving horse tartare this Friday 1 March as part of his Friday Night Social series. His £25 “horsey nose bag” begins with tartare, hay smoked duck yolk, radish, soda bread crumble, followed by sirloin, baked in salt lick, charred king oyster, celeriac, crispy shallots, then caramelised carrot cake, oats and cream, apple granite for pudding. The price includes a cocktail on arrival.

The Peyton and Byrne website explains Peyton wants to “educate diners about just how delicious and healthy properly sourced horsemeat can be”.

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