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Top 15 London restaurants

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6th Apr 20 12:48 pm

While we taking a little break during the current circumstances, there is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than thinking what is the next classy restaurant to go once all will be back to normal. Luckily, London has them in abundance. Some of them are best suited for a romantic date, others for a family reunion or a business meeting. It is very hard to highlight 15 of all the restaurants we’ve been at, but, we have asked the best betting tips experts at Bettingtips4you.com to give us an hand. Their team is based in London and with sporting events not being around for a while, they have had the time to sat down and produced a lengthy and comprehensive list of places where you can enjoy anything from vegetarian to steak houses. Stay tuned and enjoy the feast!

Westerns Laundry

We will begin the list with a high-profile seafood restaurant located in Highbury East. The place became a synonym for its fabulous cuttlefish and ham croquette dish. It makes miracles paired with bloody marie rose.

The Laughing Heart

Chief Tom Anglesea combines Modern British, Asian, and Mediterranean ingredients to create unique dishes. We’d recommend Sichuan crème brulee and Jersey Royals with smoked lamb heart & wild garlic. You will find the two-floor restaurant in Hackney.

Simpson’s In The Strand

With a 192-year-long history, Simpson’s has a special status in London. If you are visiting the place on weeknights, we would recommend chateaubriand from the grill. On weekends, you simply have to try Simpson’s roast beef provided by carving trolley. You’ll eat cows that were fed on grass. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


In contrast to the aforementioned restaurant, this South American dining place has just recently entered London’s ever-growing market. Amazonico are all about grilled meats dripping in succulent juices. If you are looking for the Latin specialty, order guacamole with sea urchin. There is no room for a mistake there. The surrounding adds extra flavour to the place.


The French-Italian menu best shows Ed Wilson’s love of food. The two dining rooms on Columbia Road are a perfect place for anyone who is into fresh pasta and natural wines. On top of world-class dishes, the place is famous for having London’s smallest bathrooms (and most beautiful).

The Clove Club

It has to be special when you have Isaac McHale, one of the most popular British chefs, standing behind a high-end restaurant in Shoreditch. Dishes are mainly British, but also mix the flavour of Indian and Japanese cuisines.

Otto’s Restaurant

Pressed duck served with pommes soufflés is Otto’s signature dish. The cooking is done right in front of the customer’s eye. The restaurant located in Grays Inn Rd had to find its place on the list.


Gloria brings the fresh Capri air to East London. The restaurant is light, charming, inviting, and vivacious at the same time. Its visitors will easily forget they are in Shoreditch as everything heavily reminds of Italy. For the full experience, we would warmly recommend the following order:

  • Filippo’s Big Balls
  • Pizza & Pasta
  • Pistachio Gelato

The enjoyable and delightful experience is guaranteed.


Balthazar is one of the top-notch French restaurants you can find in London. It is a British branch of the famous New York Balthazar. If you want a romantic atmosphere while trying the perfectly-baked scallops, this beautifully-designed restaurant is an ideal option. You won’t make mistake by ordering Cote de boeuf or the lobster spaghetti either. If there is still some space left for dessert, the chocolate fondant is the way to go.

Kerridge’s Bar & Grill

Although you will find the simplest of dishes at Kerridge’s, you will no doubt want to return for more. The trick is in the chef’s expertise. There is something to suit everyone’s needs and tastes, whether you are in for the lobster thermidor omelette or rib of beef.

BAO Fitzrovia

Bao are a textbook example of how an ordinary streetfood stall can grow into a serious brand in less than five years. Hard work always pays off and people at BAO Fitzrovia are well aware of it. The owner opened one restaurant in London in each of the last three years. The place’s trademark dish is Taiwanese buns. Bao are known to have one of the most sophisticated kitchens in central London.


We are back to Shoreditch once again. Lyle is a minimalist restaurant proud of its extremely talented chef. You have a fantastic mix of mutton, goat, wood fire-cooked seafood, and local vegetables. It’s hard to stay immune to such an outstanding blend.

No. Fifty Cheyne

This famous restaurant and cocktail lounge is popular for its open-grilled meat and fish. It is served in a French way. Iain Smith leads the word in the kitchen. His fine-dining tropes are pleasant on the eye and on the wallet too. The combination of quality and somewhat softer prices on the menu list makes this place one of the local’s favourites in Chelsea.

14 Hills

We did not put 14 Hills at this place on purpose. It is hard to believe so, but it just went along and took just this position. Anyhow, as the name suggests, you are looking at London from the 14th floor. 14 Hills is placed just under the new public garden. Dining at altitude is not something extra special in London, but this specific place has a much stronger weapon than the height. It comes in the like of Thomas Piat who is widely known as one of the most gifted chefs in France. The high-end French cuisine, paired with Moet & Chandon, and the fantastic look at the city, creates an incredible memory to anyone who visits the place.

Fatt Pundit

We will conclude the extensive list with the Indian Hakka cuisine. The environment is unique. Small tables and large dining bar make you feel India at its most delicious. Momos is the trademark dish you should try out once at Fatt Pundit. Indian juicy dumplings are massively popular in Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, etc. We would also recommend lollipop chicken and rabbit wontons.

Do not get us wrong, London’s choice is much greater than this. These were just the restaurants that left the biggest impression on us in the sea of others.

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