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‘You’re more at risk going to Tesco than you are going international travelling’ says TUI chief

17th Sep 21 10:40 am

The chief of the UK’s largest tour operator has said there is more risk shopping in Tesco than international travel.

Andrew Flintham chief executive of TUI for Ireland and the UK said there has been zero variants of concerns entering the UK since July from red list countries.

Speaking to Sky News he said there needs to be a far “simplified system” with the red list being greatly reduced.

Flintham said that most of Europe has simplified the red list and the travel sector “firmly” believes testing restrictions should be scrapped.

The UK has a 1.4% infection rate and green list countries have just 0.7% and European travel has resumed to 70 to 80%, whilst the UK is operating at 30 to 40%.

The travel sector “is in a perilous state.”

Flintham added that “You’re probably more at risk going to the Tesco supermarket than you are going international travelling.

“If you are vaccinated you should not be restricted because that’s the same thing that happens in your everyday life domestically.”

If Minister do not open up international travel like Europe is, the government will have to “support another industry that really cannot go through another winter.”

Shadow Policing Minister, Sarah Jones Labour MP said travel should “open up as safely and as quickly as possible.”

She told Sky News, “We have been calling for ages for the amber list to be scrapped. It always adds to confusion, no one quite understood what the system was.”

Jones added, “We saw with the delta variant what went absolutely wrong.

“We need to make sure the government has learnt the lessons.”

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