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You won't believe how many millions Sir Martin Sorrell is set to be paid this year

by LLB Editor
19th Apr 16 8:34 am

Money, money, money, must be funny, in a rich man’s world…

Sir Martin Sorrell’s remuneration is set to hit £70m but the WPP boss is in no mood to apologise for his wealth.

And why should he? The advertising doyen has put in 31 years into growing his company that is capitalised at £21bn today.

The WPP founder is expected to face a massive backlash from shareholders when full details of his pay package are disclosed in the company’s annual meeting in June.

Speaking at Advertising Week Europe on Monday, Sir Martin said: “WPP capitalised at £1m [at its start in1985]. Today it is capitalised at £21bn. I’m not a Johnny come lately who picked a company up and turned it round [for a big pay day]. If it was one five-year plan and we buggered off, fine [to criticise my pay]. Over those 31 years … I have taken a significant degree of risk. [WPP] is where my wealth is. It is long effort over a long period of time.”

Last week, BP CEO Bob Dudley’s $19.6m pay packet led to a huge shareholder revolt.

But Sir Martin and Dudley aren’t the only FTSE bosses raking it in. Take a look at the top 10 highest-paid FTSE 100 CEOs

1. Martin Sorrell, WPP, £42.98m

2. Ben Van Beurden, Royal Dutch Shell, £19.51m

3. Erik Engstrom, Relx, £16.18m

4. Peter Long, TUI Group, £13.3m

5. Tidjane Thiam, Prudential, £11.83m

6. Antonio Horta Osório, Lloyds Banking Group, £11.54m

7. Rakesh Kapoor, Reckitt Benckiser, £11.23m

8. Ian Gorham, Hargreaves Lansdown, £10.61m

9. Don Robert, Experian, £9.87m

10. Bob Dudley, BP, £9.29m

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