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Worried about Twitter bug? Protect your smartphones with this app

by LLB Reporter
4th May 18 10:13 am


App is smart, safe and secure


If you are one of those you woke up with a panic attack after reading the story about Twitter bug, then this app is especially for you.

Smartphones and tablets offer businesses unprecedented opportunities to communicate and share data across the globe. For the complacent and the unwary, they are also a honeypot for state-sponsored interlopers, organised crime networks and lone-wolf hackers.

Last month, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and National Crime Agency published research highlighting the growing threat from a network of sophisticated and constantly mutating cyber-criminal underworld. Targeting mobile devices, they’re intercepting communications and blocking, corrupting or stealing information, often for financial gain. Industry surveys further suggest that some businesses hire criminals to steal information or disrupt the trade of their rivals.

Complacency is a gift to hackers. Far too many businesses leave their technological back doors ajar, making themselves vulnerable to crime that can be extremely costly in terms of lost business, system repair and damage to reputation.

As a provider of telecommunications services to businesses, Metro Communications has seen a sharp divide between those who act to defend their businesses, and those who tactlessly send unprotected data into the unknown and potentially hostile territory.

There is no place of safety for lax businesses. If cloud storage, connections and devices are not kept secure, they provide openings for others to access important data. Never has it been more important to ensure that sensitive information and communications remain secure; and never has access to trusted products been so simple and affordable.

Metro Communications is authorised to supply Armour Mobile, an app approved by the NCSC (a part of GCHQ) and NATO, to businesses and VIPs. Compatible with all leading smartphones, tablets and the Windows 10 operating system, the app uses advanced encryption techniques that make it virtually impossible for criminals to intercept voice calls, video calls or data, even across untrusted WiFi and mobile networks.

Users can set up secure groups in the Armour Cloud – a virtual safe house for data storage and sharing – and take advantage of a secure communications channel in the event of a cyber attack. This is far more robust than products often developed for personal use, and we will never sell your data.

Most people would never drive a car without insurance or a seatbelt. We’d even think twice before walking under a ladder. Yet when it comes to securing data, many businesses suffer from a blind spot, routinely taking risks that could cost them their reputation and livelihood. Whether your business is big or small, it pays to be aware and be prepared.

Tips to protect your mobile communications:

  1. Don’t assume your communication over mobile phone and WiFi is secure
  2. Be careful where you speak or work
  3. Ensure lost devices can be tracked, locked or wiped
  4. Keep apps and software up to date
  5. Establish and review security procedures
  6. Educate employees on how to securely use their mobile devices
  7. Minimise the amount of sensitive data stored on your mobile devices
  8. Encrypt data wherever possible
  9. Don’t put blind faith in cloud storage options – ensure they are secure
  10. Seek to influence others in your supply chain to guard against weak spots

Metro Communications provides quality telecommunications, IT for businesses. For more information and to organise a free Armour Mobile trial visit website or email.

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