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Why you should choose your hair transplant clinic wisely

by Sarah Dunsby
16th Jul 18 12:23 pm

As the population of Britain gets older, more people are starting to lose their hair and are wanting to do something about it. Of course, there are ways to try and prevent hair loss but sometimes the only thing to do is live with the hair loss or get a hair transplant. This is why hair transplants are becoming more popular in the UK. When you opt for a hair transplant, you need to make sure that you choose the right clinic as there are some factors that could affect the results that you are getting. Keep reading to find out why you should choose your hair transplant clinic wisely.

The cost

When you are choosing a hair transplant clinic, you need to consider the cost of your transplant. Of course, you won’t want to pay a ridiculous amount for the procedure, but you should be aware that some of the best clinics will be the most costly. The location of the clinic may also impact the price, for example the hair transplant cost London practices charge, will likely be high but you will know that you are going to get the best quality service and your procedure is more likely to go well.

Where the donor grafts come from

Another important thing that you should consider when choosing a hair transplant clinic is where the surgeons get the donor hair grafts from. If you want your procedure to go as well as possible then you should choose a clinic that takes the hair from the head rather than other parts of the body. This means that your procedure is more likely to be successful and you should definitely consider this when choosing a clinic.

Their experience

Performing a hair transplant is not easy and if you are not properly experienced in this type of surgery then you won’t be able to place the graft in the correct place with ease. This is why you need to consider choosing a hair transplant clinic that has had a lot of professional experience and surgeons who know what they are doing. Don’t just base it on the word of your surgeon, find out how many they have done or ask a friend for a recommendation.

Giving the correct advice

Some clinics will choose to give a hair transplant to whoever comes to them, but it is important to be able to get the right sort of advice from the clinic that you choose. Not everyone is suitable for this type of procedure and you should make sure that you are before anything has begun or you have paid towards the cost of the surgery. This includes people with alopecia and hair loss as a result of other medical treatments. Makes sure that you get the right advice if you want to have an effective hair transplant. Choose the right clinic and they will be able to do a proper assessment to determine if the treatment will work or not in the end.

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