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Why roll-up banners are your best choice for exhibitions

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24th Aug 20 10:17 am

Step into any exhibition, and one of the things you’ll immediately notice is that almost every stand has a roll-up banner. Colorful and attention-grabbing, they are difficult to miss. They’re also known as pull-up banners and are very popular.

They are, however, not the only visual options for exhibitions and trade shows. Other common visual marketing tools used in exhibitions include:

  • X-Banners
  • Teardrop Flag Banners
  • A-Frame Signs

Although they all have their peculiar properties and functions, roll-up banners still remain the most popular option. In this piece, we will be looking at the reasons why most people love using roll-ups:

Easy to transport

Since most organizations have to attend multiple exhibitions, the need for portable advertisement media is paramount. They don’t come more portable than roll-up banners either.

The packaging of roll-ups is compact and light, making them ideal for moving between to and from every exhibition center. Most print companies supply a free carry-bag that can hold the banner and stand. This means they won’t also take up a lot of storage space and can fit into your car during transport to the venue.

Require minimal setup time and expertise

Limited setup time is an almost universal feature of exhibitions. Spending too long setting up your banner can take away time from other more rewarding activities. Pop-up banners are very easy to assemble. All you need to do is pop up the stand, and you’re good to go.

Most pop-ups use a retractable system where the banner is pulled from the base, and a telescopic pole is slotted into place. The flat base of the banner helps to provide support for the banner stand.

Occupy little space

Apart from time, another constraint that most people at an exhibition will experience is space; there’s never enough of it. Typically, vendors have to pay for space in terms, and maximizing that space is crucial. For most vendor stands, the product or offering takes the bulk of the area.

It is, therefore, essential that whatever marketing material will be used must not consume too much space. That’s precisely what roll-up banners do as they are narrow and high. The base, which is typically only a few centimeters in width and less than a meter in length, is the only part that takes floor space. That said, they are high-impact and easily noticeable.


Although they are inexpensive to make, it’s remarkable that pop-up banners last as long as they do. They are typically made from vinyl material which is very durable and designed to last. When stored properly, both the base and banner itself can be reused repeatedly. To achieve maximum reusability, however, it’s essential to keep the banners generic and straightforward.


Roll-ups are a simple and effective way to input your brand signature on an environment. When well-done, they can last very long, providing ever-increasing ROI. To get the best from your roll-ups, it is, however, essential to get the highest-quality products. Printmoz vinyl banners are some of the most reputable in the industry. The best part of roll-ups is that you can get multiple designs and swap them out depending on the event you’re attending.

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