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Who do you call – professional movers or amateurs

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24th Jun 19 10:59 am

I nearly accidentally destroyed an antique, 18th-century cabinet. This was a long time ago and I really needed a side-job, so I got one as an amateur mover at a local moving company in London. I was in a team of 3, a driver and two other movers. We had no plan, we were not responsible for packing, and we were not responsible for any damage we could’ve caused. And we did. There were some nails at the side of one wardrobe, we hadn’t seen it, and we placed an old cabinet on the top of it… You can imagine what happened next.

This is why I decided to make a distinction between amateur and professional movers and help you choose. And even though the amateur movers are cheaper, they do not have the proper licensing, nor have they been trained to take proper security measures as the professionals have.

Professional vs. amateur movers

When it comes to choosing between amateur and professional movers the price shouldn’t be your primary factor. This should particularly be the case if you are planning to move across the country, or any other sort of complicated relocation. A professional mover will provide all the services you could need at that point and they will keep your belongings safe.

The thing is that if you hire a professional, you hire an individual whose future depends on the quality of his work. And when you hire an amateur you often end up with some college kids who rented a van for one day to show up at your doorstep. I mean, those two college kids will get the job done but there are slim chances that they are insured. This means that you will not be compensated when your belongings get damaged (or destroyed).

That is why you should choose a professional.

What tou get by choosing a professional?

These guys do moving for a living. They actually depend on your satisfaction. If you are not happy, they lose their job. And the number of professional movers in London is limited so you need to choose wisely. One of the movers from London that we have been working within the last couple of years is the company named AmazingMoves.

They pack your things and unpack for you

Amateurs charge very low rates and the main reason for that is that they focus only on a couple of activities:

  • getting your things into the truck;
  • transport;
  • and once you get to your destination they get your things off the truck.

They don’t care about the safety of your belongings, they only care that they do the job quickly and move on to the next address.

Professionals are not like that. They have their own successful formula and that is why they are called “professionals”. They take their time to secure the load and ensure that your belongings are packed properly in the marked boxes (according to the room from which those belongings were taken from). Apart from that, they also help you with packing and/ or unpacking.

Additional storage options

Let’s say that you have to move out a couple of days (or a month) before you move in. You need a place to store your belongings safely. Some will call their friends for a favor or use a rentable garage. To avoid that, you could easily call a professional mover. They will provide a number of storage options for your belongings. Most of those professional movers have signed contracts with some of the best storage companies, so you get your secured storage space with a discount and a professional service.

There are no unmovable objects

Professional movers from London will even offer some special services. For example, you won’t find any amateur mover that will accept to move your grand piano (hypothetically). Experts will know how to do that in the least painful way.


And in the end, the most important thing professional movers from London have to offer that amateurs surely don’t have is comprehensive insurance of your belongings. This means that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings during the move because you will be compensated if anything goes south.

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