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Who are the biggest donors to the Reform Party?

by LLB Editor
1st Jul 24 11:49 am

Formerly known as the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage’s Reform UK is gaining ground in the country.

Figures released earlier this month showed it is the third ballot in a row in which Farage’s party has achieved its highest share since the party’s official creation.

However, the party sparked controversy after the revelation of an unexplained “black hole” of more than £7m in its accounts at the last general election. This raised doubt over the populist party’s opaque financial affairs.

Some major donors have also ditched Reform since its big rebranding. Jeremy Hosking, who gave £2.2m to the Brexit party in 2019 and £15,000 to Reform last year, told the Guardian he had now ended his donations to Reform UK.

Scandals aside, here are the biggest donors to the Reform Party

Richard Tice, amount: Nearly £2m

Richard Tice donanted £500,000 to the Reform Party through his company Britain Means Business Limited.

Electoral and corporate filings show Reform has been mainly bankrolled by Tice, who has contributed about 80% of its declared funding in loans and donations since he took over in 2021.

Tice’s personal company, Tisun Investments, has been loaning the party money in increments of £10,000-£50,000 since before he took over as leader. As of the end of 2023, outstanding loans of about £1.4m were due to Tisun, according to the Electoral Commission.

Terence Mordaunt, amount: £200,000

The Reform party’s biggest donor last year was Terence Mordaunt, a previous Tory donor, businessman and former chair of the climate change skeptic Global Warming Policy Foundation. Mordaunt’s company donated £200,000 to Reform.

Holly Valance, amount: Undisclosed

Former pop star Holly Valance has been an ardent supporter of Nigel Farage. A vocal champion of Reform UK, Valance gave them “a substantial cheque” after Farage announced he was standing.

The Guardian reported Valance, wife of property magnate Nick Candy, said it was her honour “to tsay a few words” at Farage’s 60th birthday party in April where she said he was a man of “strength and conviction” whom she felt “very protective of”.

Panther Securitie, amount: £20,000

Another notable donation to Reform includes £20,000 from Panther Securities PLC, a property investment company whose chairman, former UKIP donor Andrew Perloff, has blamed rising inflation on climate policies, and defended those who question whether “global warming is happening.”

Dunmoore Properties, amount: £10,000

A £10,000 donation from Dunmoore Properties, has helped Reform’s campaigning efforts. The CEO and owner of Dunmoroe Jeffrey Hobby runs the property regeneration company, known for its design-led philosophy and creative management approach to development.

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