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Which technology will have the most impact on sports betting over the next 20 years

by John Saunders
21st Feb 20 3:53 pm

When you compare sports betting today to what it was like 20 years ago it’s like night and day – there has simply been a huge change in how things work. The next 20 years are likely to see the same again.

A big reason for the change has been technology, with massive advancements paving the way for sports betting to become faster, more accessible and easier than ever before.

With this in mind, and with further technological investment on the horizon, what will sports betting look like in the future?


There has been a huge shift to mobile betting recently, something that is only likely to grow in the future.

People want convenience in their life, and for those who are placing a bet that means betting on their phone in seconds, instead of opening up the laptop and betting that way.

When online betting first began, being convenient meant betting from home instead of going to your local betting shop. Now the need is for more, with betting apps and mobile sites allowing you to bet even when you are not at home.

Voice activation

This has been a big technological move over the past few years with many voice activated apps and gadgets coming onto the market. Could these be used to make betting even easier?

Instead of opening your phone, logging onto your betting app and placing a bet could you speak the bet to your phone and use voice control to place it?

This is all based around convenience once again, and the fact that people are lazy and want technology to do everything for them.

Bookmakers would love to boast this kind of technology and it would no doubt be a real winner with their punters, who could place bets through a voice activated app. This would likely push gamblers towards certain new bookmakers if they offered this technology.

If you are looking for a new bookmaker ahead of this then look out for the most up to date free bets offers to take advantage of when signing up.


Right at the forefront of gaming technology is virtual reality right now, with games being developed for those who have VR headsets and want to use them. Could this be something we see arrive in the betting world over the coming years?

VR is big business, with many people looking to invest in products right now, with the hope of them becoming big in the future. We often see the gaming and gambling industries close together, could they share VR technology and create a VR gambling room?

This would give people the chance to get some kind of social aspect while gambling at home, logging on and getting the VR experience and gambling in a specially created VR room with other people.

This one is perhaps the furthest away from happening right now, but with the ties between gambling and gaming, it is certainly something that could come around in the future.

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