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What’s seasonal affective disorder & how you’ll find relief using Tongkat Ali Powder

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5th Feb 21 10:25 am

Seasonal affective disorder, which goes by the name SAD, is a medical condition where you get sad and depressed during changes of the season. Generally, seasonal affective disorder hits when the seasons change from fall to winter. The winter blues are no joke and it can significantly impact your life, but with Tongkat Ali Powder you don’t have to keep suffering those bouts of depression.

Seasonal Affective Disorder is the name for the wintertime blues

You might think that you’re just suffering from the wintertime blues, but this is a serious medical condition called seasonal affective disorder. It happens to people at the same time every year, mostly occurring in the fall and lasting through the winter months. On very rare occasions it can happen during the spring or summer months. During this time you’ll experience many symptoms related to seasonal affective disorder.

Fall & Winter symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • You will feel tired and have little to no energy
  • Appetite changes take place and you’ll be craving high carbohydrate foods
  • Oversleeping
  • You’ll also gain a moderate or significant amount of weight.

Other general Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms

  • Beyond the above symptoms, you might also have suicidal thoughts
  • Difficulty with concentrating on tasks
  • Problems falling to sleep
  • A feeling of agitation or annoyance
  • You also might feel worthless or hopeless

What is Tongkat Ali Powder?

Tongkat Ali Powder is a safe herbal remedy that is well-known to have several health benefits. It’s a plant found in Southeast Asia that has been used in herbal medicine for centuries. Tongkat Ali contains compounds called quassinoids and alkaloids, which are the compounds that have medicinal use. This herbal supplement is often taken as a pill, but it can be used in drinks and teas as well. You’ll find that Tongkat Ali Powder alleviates your problems without the horrible side effects of prescription medications.

How can Tongkat Ali Powder help with Seasonal Affective Disorder?

1. Lessen depression symptoms

There have been multiple studies that have shown Tongkat Ali Powder relieves depression symptoms such as tension, anger, and confusion. Your mood is substantially improved by taking the herbal supplement and that can help you if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Instead of taking Prozac or Zoloft, you can take Tongkat Ali and feel the positivity without the side effects of depression medications. It’s the alkaloid found within the plant that helps produce feelings of calm and positivity.

2. Reduces stress levels

A study of Tongkat Ali on stress hormones shows just how powerful the herbal supplement is at reducing your stress levels and improving your mood. The 2013 study only used a group of 63 people, but the study showed that just taking 200mg Tongkat Ali per day for one month reduced stress levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone and the study showed that this herbal remedy reduced cortisol by 16%. The reduction in cortisol helped the participants feel happier, allowed them to concentrate more, and also aided in weight loss.

3. Can boost your immune system

Due to the weather and being stuck inside, people often get sicker in the winter. Getting sick with the flu or other illness is also related to your mental health and ability to exercise regularly. Tongkat Ali Powder has been shown in a 2016 study, Immunomodulation in Middle-Aged Humans via ingesting Tongkat Ali, to boost the immune system.

The research showed that in 84 people, the number of T-Cells increased just after one month of taking the supplement. T-Cells are important for humans since they are the immune cells in the body and are needed to fight off illness. CD4+ and Native T-Cells also increased using Tongkat Ali, which are all important cells to boost the immune system and keep us healthy from common illnesses.

4. Helps with sleep & reduces anxiety

Since this herbal supplement creates a calming effect with regular use, it’s going to help you sleep and reduce your anxiety. Sleep is important for both overall health and it’s also important for those suffering from seasonal affective disorder that has difficulty falling asleep. The zen-like properties allow you to stop worrying or feeling anxious so that you can get the proper amount of sleep. If you’re a late-night worrier, taking Tongkat Ali Powder before bed to calm down could be incredibly beneficial.

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