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What happens next?

9th Jun 17 8:04 am

Take a look…

The conservatives have failed in their bid to increase their majority, throwing away their 12 seat lead, and will not even reach the 326 seats needed to form a majority government in the House of Commons resulting in a hung parliament.

 This happens when no single party has enough MPs to form a government and the last one resulted in the 2010 coalition of Tories and Lib Dems.

 So what happens now?

  • The previous government (Mrs May’s Conservatives) will remain in power in the immediate future.
  • As the largest party the Conservatives have first chance to form a government that according to official guidance issued by the Cabinet “must be able to command a majority in the House of Commons on votes of confidence and supply.”
  • Negotiations are likely to begin to see if a coalition with smaller parties is possible to create an absolute majority although many parties have ruled this out pre-election.
  • The Conservatives could also attempt to rule as a minority party but this would force them to rely on smaller parties to get things through parliament.
  • Jeremy Corby’s Labour could also begin to negotiate a coalition with the likes of SNP.
  • There is no official time limit to broker a deal and it took five days in 2010.
  • However parliament is due to meet again on Tuesday and if there is a clear sign that Mrs May cannot form a government she will to resign.
  • If no deals can be made and a minority government fails it could lead to yet another election being called.

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