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Ways of turning leads in cash

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25th Jul 19 12:36 pm

Trade shows are all about generating enough leads for your business that they can be converted into sales in the near future. At the very least, into a following with the former still being the ultimate goal.

Generating leads is nothing new, especially to those who are considered regulars in trade shows. This is the go-to event for brands who are looking to come up with leads. In fact, the next steps become easier as long as you have a successful showing during the trade show. Getting over the hump maybe difficult, but once you are over it, more often than not, it becomes easier.

It is just a matter of how you go about it, and this is important because you do not go around exhibition stands in Barcelona for rent and have nothing to show for it. Generating leads is one thing, but how to convert them into money is another.

Incentivise your offers

Consumers go wild for free stuff. Discounts is another. These are the two most common incentives that you can offer the leads that you have collected during the trade show so that it can seamlessly convert into sales.

The price offs might not be to huge, or sometimes, the products that are used as incentives does not necessarily have to sum up to a huge price. More often than not, as long as it is free, the public will certainly be curious about it.

Do not be afraid to ask

It is not common knowledge but asking your consumers whether they are ready to purchase the products or pay for the services that you have to offer is a good strategy to initiate them into action. To be honest, it is an awkward advice, and an awkward thing to do. However, it is a must. These individuals became a lead because they are interested in your brand and what you have to offer. They just need a nudge for them to move.

Remember that if you do not, your competition might have already.

What is in it for them

That is one factor that you should always be on the look out for. Customers, as always, wants to make the most out of what they purchase. Rightfully so. The money they spend was earned the hard way and knowing that they spend it on a product or service that will provide exponential returns is a must.

So, do not miss the opportunity to constantly remind them of this fact.

Do not waste time

If they are truly interested, they would have responded almost immediately. However, circumstances could have stopped them from doing so. That is why, a time limit should be set. This will segregate those who are fruitful leads to those which will amount to nothing. That way, you will not be wasting your time following up on those who may have already lost interest.

At the end of the day, generating sales should be the ultimate goal. Every step and investment that you make should be geared only to this fact. However, generating leads is not enough. You have to turn them into money if for you to say that you had a successful trade show as a whole, ad not just for one stage of the process.

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