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Wagner chief has mercenary brutally executed with a sledgehammer for trying to desert

by LLB staff reporter
14th Nov 22 10:57 am

Yevgeny Prigozhin who is a close ally of Vladimir Putin recruited Russian prisoners to fight in Ukraine in exchange for a pardon over their crimes.

A Russian prisoner who caught trying to desert was brutally executed and mercenaries filmed the moment he was killed by a sledgehammer.

Prigozhin said, “It seems to me that this film should be called: ‘A dog dies a dog’s death’. It was an excellent directional piece of work, watched in one breath.

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“I hope no animals were harmed during filming.”

The Russian mercenary gave his name as Yevgeny Nuzhin, 55 who had his head tapped to a wall before being executed.

Nuzhin said, “I got hit over the head and lost consciousness and came around in this cellar.

“They told me I was to be tried.”

Then immediately a man in combat clothing smashed his head and neck with a sledgehammer, he fell to the floor and was hit again in another blow to the head.

Prigozhin could then be hear giving a warning to others in Russian society whom he described as traitors trying to desert the war.

He said, “Do not forget, there are not only traitors who throw away their automatic guns and go over to the enemy.

“Some traitors are holed up in offices, not thinking about their own people. Some of them use their own business jets to fly to those countries that seem neutral to us so far.

“They fly away so as not to participate in today’s problems. They are traitors too.”

Reuters said the video appeared on the Grey Zone Telegram channel, which had the headline of “The hammer of revenge.”

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