Home Business News Former Russian politicians are in Poland discussing how to ‘physically eliminate Putin’ as he ‘should be killed’ or face ‘trial for war crimes’

Former Russian politicians are in Poland discussing how to ‘physically eliminate Putin’ as he ‘should be killed’ or face ‘trial for war crimes’

by LLB political Reporter
13th Nov 22 4:02 pm

Former Kremlin politicians and anti-Russian activists are in Poland discussing a coup and also how to “physically eliminate Putin.”

This weekend the group met in Jablonna near to Poland’s capital, Warsaw saying that the only way to overthrow Vladimir Putin to either kill him, start a revolution and a civil war.

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Some people within the group have publicly said that the Russian leader “Should be killed” and lawyer Alexei Baranovsky, said people who have remained loyal to the Russian leader throughout the war should also be killed, Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborca reported.

Former Russian politician Viacheslav Maltsev said that some of the Russian leaders opponents are already in a “guerilla fight” to end the war and described how there could be a revolution across Russia.

Maltsev, said during the meeting in Poland, “The main goal is to physically eliminate Putin.”

Maltsev added that once Putin has been assassinated this would then lead to a civil war, however, it will “not be as bloody as the war in Ukraine.”

Another former politician said, “The fight against terrorists requires terrorists’ methods.”

However some of the group are opposed to form a plan to assassinate Putin, and suggested that instead the Russian leader should be “handed over to international courts” for a trial over war crimes.

In September another group of Russian politicians said, “We believe that the actions of President Vladimir Putin inflict harm on the future of Russia and its citizens.

“We demand the resignation of Vladimir Putin from the office of President of the Russian Federation.”

Putin’s position within the Kremlin is also in “some jeopardy” because the “oligarchs” know “the truth” but the Russian people are only told what the Kremlin decides to tell them.

Putin has long had the reputation of being a “winner” which has now been compromised over the withdrawal of Kherson putting his position in “jeopardy.

Former national security adviser Sir Mark Lyall-Grant warned the withdrawal from Kherson could speculate doubt within the Kremlin and the elites in Russia over Putin’s leadership.

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