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Virgin Media suffers broadband outage in parts of London

by Peter Smyth Tech Journalist
25th Jun 20 1:00 pm

Virgin Media have suffered a broadband outage in parts of London on Thursday and are “urgently working” hard to resolve the issue.

A more people are now working from home due to the pandemic many customers were unable to access their broadband.

A spokesman said, “We’re aware that some customers in parts of London are experiencing an issue with their broadband.

“We are working as quickly as possible to restore services and apologise to those affected.”

According to Down Detector users first began having problems just after 9am on Thursday.

Last week Virgin Media said the average household has used an extra 325GB of data since 23 March when lockdown started.

April was the company’s busiest month on record and usage in May was just slightly behind that, as more people are now working from home.

More children are now having classes remotely and are downloading more programmes leading to an extra 3.4GB on average per day due to the lockdown.

23 to 29 March was the busiest week for the broadband provider which saw people downloading around a third more data than before the lockdown, consuming an extra 32.5GB.

London saw the highest jump with an increase of 20% whilst Wales saw a 10% increase and Scotland downloaded the least.

During the crisis customers uploaded an extra 3.7GB per week, and Northern Ireland saw the largest increase by 58%.

Jeanie York, Virgin Media’s chief technology and information officer said, “Despite a surge in demand as people have relied on their broadband more than ever, our network has proved itself reliable and resilient and helped keep people connected to loved ones, work and entertainment.

“This is a new dawn for broadband usage; the way people use their connectivity has irrevocably changed and we expect Covid-19 will have a lasting impact on patterns of data consumption.”

Ernest Doku, tech expert at Uswitch.com said, “At a time when people are especially reliant on their home broadband for work and keeping in contact with friends and family, connectivity problems will be frustrating to thousands of Virgin Media customers.

“The lockdown period has put increased pressure on providers to ensure customers stay connected and it is important these vital services are not down for long.

“Our research found that nearly three quarters (71%) of Londoners have struggled with their broadband or mobile signal during lockdown.

“If your broadband is down, and you have the additional data on your mobile contract, you may be able to tether to your phone and use it as a hub to connect to the internet. Just remember that using your mobile phone data in this way will eat up your allowance far quicker than if you only used it for your smartphone.”

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