Home Business News US Treasury yields ease, risks remain

US Treasury yields eased today, with the US 10-year note yield hovering around the 4.43% mark following Monday’s strong climb.

However, the 10-year note yield remains near its highest level in a month, driven by recent political and economic developments.

A Supreme Court ruling in Trump’s favor along with last week’s debate results increased the odds of a second term. It could lead market participants to anticipate inflationary policies such as tax cuts, tighter immigration controls, and higher tariffs under a potential Trump presidency.

The rising US Treasury yields also support the dollar, putting pressure on low-yielding currencies like the Japanese yen and the Chinese yuan. On the other side of the Atlantic, Eurozone bond yields are seeking direction following June’s inflation data, which indicated a slight cooling.

Yields were sliding to a certain extent after concerns about French elections subsided to a certain level. However, the market could remain uncertain as investors wait for France’s second round of votes.

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