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Up to 40% of UK workers expected to have quit their job by the end of this year

by LLB Reporter
23rd Sep 21 12:22 pm

By the end of 2021, between 26% and 40% of the UK’s workers are expected to change their jobs. In July of this year alone, advertised job vacancies exceeded one million for the first time.

Commentators are calling it ‘the great resignation’ – and franchises like The Massage Company represent an opportunity for exiting employees to realise their career ambitions in the months ahead.

What’s driving the great resignation?

Post-lockdown, studies by the likes of Microsoft and Personio suggest that people in their droves have been serving notice to explore new career paths. This mass exodus has been driven by a combination of factors: management frustrations; declining industries; the search for a better work-life balance; a need for greater fulfilment; the desire to follow a passion project or learn a new skill.

Yet for some, these deciding factors were driven by a more pressing need: an aspiration to gain more control over their career – and their income.

Why franchising is on the rise

Franchises offer a structured way for frustrated former-PAYE workers to achieve their self-employment goals after lockdown, and as a result the International Franchise Association

projects that over 26,000 franchise locations will have been added by the end of the year, creating almost 800,000 new jobs worldwide.

In service-based businesses like The Massage Company, franchising also boasts an opportunity to become part of the regeneration of the Great British High Street. In a recent statement, MP Fleur Anderson heralded businesses like The Massage Company as “the future of the high street”, playing a crucial role in keeping local communities alive as commerce continues to move online.

With set-up support and training, guidance on business plans and funding, recruitment assistance, professional property search and negotiation services, becoming an owner-operator at The Massage Company provides a practical way for participants in ‘the great resignation’ to become part of a fast-growth UK brand while achieving career autonomy.

Elliot Walker, Founder and CEO of The Massage Company, comments: “The last 18 months have really driven a desire for change in employees across the UK. People want better job satisfaction, they want a fresh start, and they want to feel a sense of independence and control over their career. Franchising delivers those opportunities, while still offering support, guidance and the benefits of being part of a reputable brand. As a disruptive player in the UK’s growing health and wellness industry, we anticipate even more franchise enquiries in the new year, as people continue to explore their options and realise that there are exciting, lucrative opportunities outside of PAYE.”

The Massage Company’s vision is simple: to bring high quality, consistent massage therapy to the mainstream. A disruptive player in what is predicted to be the UK’s fastest growing sector – Health and Beauty – The Massage Company operates a unique membership model that is helping to make massage part of regular wellbeing routines. Since the opening of their first location in 2016, The Massage Company has opened five centres, with their London flagship opening in Putney earlier this year.

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