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UK is facing a digital skills shortage

by John Saunders
4th Jan 22 5:39 pm

A few months ago, the BBC reported that the UK was going to face an important shortage when it comes to digital skills, in a not-too-distant future. Although it was already pretty obvious to everyone, it did raise a red flag in the industry. With everyone having to work from home, and businesses focussing more and more on e-commerce, what exactly are the skills being sought most and those on their way out? Here is an overview of the situation.

Competition for talents is high

The world had been heading towards becoming virtual before the pandemic arrived, but the last two years has plunged us in deep, into the parallel world of the internet. This had strong repercussions on every company, or almost. The reality is that digital marketing is quite different than the traditional one, and so, many businesses found themselves a bit helpless. That is when they decided to find someone to hire that knew what they were doing, but now the pool of talent as grown extremely thin.

That is why a company like 12Handz has come in handy to many entrepreneurs. Unable to hire the right person, they went out and looked for outside help, which they found on that website. They were able to better understand social media, through the creation of accounts and posts that were handled by those specialists. They also launched other online marketing strategies as well, thanks to their collaboration with 12Handz. Without this type of platforms, many entrepreneurs today would be struggling, since finding a digital marketing specialist has become close to impossible.

Skills in demand

The skill that comes in at number one right now is without a doubt paid social. It is one thing to put a post and advertise it and another to actually know what you can expect in terms of return on investment. Someone who understands how social media work, and what strategy you need to install in order to grow at the least cost possible, is currently worth as much as gold. Content marketing is also growing with a 32% increase in demand, last year.

Skills on their way out

Using the expression “on their way out” can be considered an exaggeration in this case, since any knowledge having to do with online marketing is a useful one. But it is true that companies have reduced their use of SEO executives by double digits (12.6%). The explanation for this turn around, is that companies found themselves needing money rapidly, and so they turned to paid ads since SEO strategies are long-term solutions.

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