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Tory MP tells Boris it’s ‘time to act and close borders and schools’

4th Jan 21 2:38 pm

Conservative MP Jeremy Hunt, chair of the Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee and who is the former Health Secretary is urging Boris Johnson to place England into a full lockdown.

Hunt said on Monday that it is now the “time to act” as the NHS is at crisis point and all schools must close immediately.

Hunt slammed the Prime Minister and wrote on Twitter, “Time to act: thread on why we need to close schools, borders, and ban all household mixing RIGHT AWAY.”

He warned that the current situation with the NHS is “off the scale” and England cannot “afford to wait” any longer, decisive action must be taken now to stop the spread of the virus.

In another tweet Hunt said, “To those arguing winter is always like this in the NHS: you are wrong. I faced four serious winter crises as Health Sec and the situation now is off-the-scale worse than any of those.”

Hunt further wrote, “No 1 lesson is countries that act early & decisively save lives & get their economies back to normal faster.

“Wuhan is now free of any restrictions – but Uni of Southampton show if they’d locked down 1 week earlier they would’ve reduced infections by 2/3.

“We therefore cannot afford to wait: all schools should be closed, international travel stopped, household mixing limited and the tier system reviewed so that the highest tier really does bring down infection levels (as with the first lockdown).”

The Conservative MP added, “I know all these things will be under consideration with decisions potentially imminent.

“My point is in the face of exponential growth even waiting an extra day causes many avoidable deaths so these plans must now be urgently accelerated.”

He did say that there is light at the end of the tunnel as the Pfizer/Biontech and the Oxford AstraZenaca vaccines have now been rolled out.

Hunt added, “The good news is that unlike before these restrictions will be time limited to the 12 weeks or so it will take to get the vaccine out to those most vulnerable to covid, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

The Mayor of London Sadiq khan agreed with Hunt and told Sky News he never thought he would “agree with Jeremy Hunt.

Khan told Sky New “Let me use words that I never used when Jeremy Hunt was health secretary: I agree with Jeremy Hunt. I think he’s spot on.

“One of the things we have learnt with this virus is that it’s better to go too early than too late.”

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