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Top ten tips on how to make your phone faster for gaming

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24th Nov 22 1:59 pm

Immersing yourself in a world of graphic-intensive games is an escapade like no other. But what if your phone doesn’t have the power to run them? You’re not alone–most affordable Android phones are configured with battery life as a top priority. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry; we’ve got some tips to help unleash your gadget’s hidden potential so gaming performance won’t leave any room unfulfilled!

Let’s look at some of the best ways to optimise your phone for gaming:

1. Use faster internet connection

Nowadays, most online games require constant data transfer. If your internet connection speed is slow, you might notice that these transfers take longer and sometimes cause gameplay to become less responsive or even unstable!

Want to take mobile gaming up a notch? Opt for the latest OPPO Sim-free 5G Smartphones. 5G smartphone technology is 20 times faster than 4G. This means that in the time it took to download one piece of data using 4G, the same amount of data could have been downloaded 20 times using a 5G network. To put it another way, you could download nearly ten games before 4G could even provide the first part of just one!

2. Adjust screen refresh rate

These days, most high-end phones, particularly Samsung and OPPO, have variable refresh rates, improving screen animations. While these appear as minor upgrades in everyday applications like social networking and YouTube, they are very beneficial when playing video games since they provide a stutter-free experience and enable faster response rates. This is beneficial when playing graphically intensive games like Asphalt 9, Apex Legends, Genshin Impact, and others.

Here’s how to speed up the refresh rate on phones that support it (not all phones do this):

  • Tap display in the settings app on your phone.
  • Next, choose advanced.
  • Tap the refresh rate
  • Choose the highest refresh rate available from the settings on your screen, which in most cases should be 90Hz.

3. Turn on force 4x MSAA

Most mobile games use the 4x MSAA option, a multi-sampling feature that balances performance and visuals well. By enabling the 4x MSAA, you gain framerates equivalent to what you would have if you played on the lowest graphics settings, and the game’s edges no longer appear polygonal.

Here’s how to enable 4x MSAA on an Android:

  • Scroll down in the settings app to the about phone
  • Go to software information and repeatedly touch the build number. This will enable the developer options on your device.
  • Return to the settings page and select developer options. Scroll down to find and activate Force 4x MSAA.

4. Enable Dolby Atmos sound

One aspect of mobile gaming that should be considered is audio fidelity. Competitive gamers understand the significance of auditory cues in multiplayer games. The audio quality of your games is considerably improved with Dolby Atmos surround sound. So, if your device has this capability, you should enable it and get benefit from higher-quality game audio.

This feature is available on most OPPO phones and can be toggled on and off via the Settings menu. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Tap sounds and vibration in the settings app on your phone.
  • On the following screen, select Sound quality and effects.
  • Turn on Dolby Atmos.

Whether you listen through your phone’s built-in stereo speakers or earphones, you can finally make the most out of the technology.

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5. Clear junk from your phone

A lack of free storage space may cause your phone to be slower, resulting in a bad gaming experience. To prevent sluggishness, Google advises to leave at least 10% of your overall storage space empty.

Consider clearing your storage space by deleting unnecessary media files or games to ensure a smoother performance. Many affordable Android phones have an in-built tool that allows you to scan for and remove unnecessary data. Here’s where to look for and how to use this feature:

  • On your phone, go to Settings and
  • Select the Free up Space
  • Select the items you no longer use and tap Free up Space in the bottom-right corner.

6. Use game booster (Game Space for OPPO)

You can use the native Hyper Booster if you own an OPPO phone. It optimises your phone’s resources to deliver the greatest possible gameplay action sans overheating or excessive battery drain. Furthermore, you can set Game Booster to deactivate features like Bixby, Edge panels, and notifications while playing your favourite games.

Overall, the technology provides full acceleration not just for games and apps but also for the system itself. OPPO promises up to 31.91% faster loading times with 50 Qualcomm and MediaTek platform optimisation solutions.

7. Limit background app activities

Another technique to boost gaming speed on your Android without root is to limit the number of background app activities. By running fewer apps in the background, Android can devote more resources to the game you’re playing, resulting in an improved gaming performance.

By navigating to the Developer settings menu, you can restrict the number of background processes that Android runs:

  • To access developer options, open the settings menu and scroll all the way down.
  • Select the maximum number of background processes Android can support by tapping on the background process limit.

8. Discord overlay

Most multiplayer games have a mediocre voice chat system. A frustrating gaming experience led on by choppy audio, disconnections, and barely functional push-to-talk buttons. Although many prefer to control Discord by tabbing out of their game, it is a terrific, optimised tool that aids in voice chats.

You could enable the Discord Overlay option by going to the settings. This activates a transparent Discord menu over your game without using up a lot of memory. Without having to tab out or stress about in-game performance, you can text your friends, invite teammates, and browse your favourite servers.

9. Use a phone gaming accessory

The on-screen controls for games on mobile phones are rather large. You should get an external gaming controller if you’re a committed mobile gamer. It makes your phone seem like a handheld console and improves game control and feedback.

You can enhance your mobile gameplay by purchasing a smartphone clip mount for your controller. The majority of these gaming peripherals have simple setup processes. You can get them working immediately after connecting them to your phone.

Check out our impressive range of OPPO accessories for more immersive gaming.

10. Overclock the phone CPU

Finally, a more interactive experience for true mobile gaming enthusiasts. You could squeeze more power out of the same processor by overclocking the one in your phone. This enables your games to process more things simultaneously, which enhances the gameplay.

On the majority of current phones, the CPU can be overclocked. However, remember that before you can overclock your phone, you must root it. Only do this if you know what rooting is because you risk breaking your device.

To sum up

If you play most of your games on your Android device or tablet, the tips above will help you get more out of your games. With a few minor adjustments, your device will run all your favourite games more smoothly.

There are a ton of games available for Android users to choose from, some of which don’t even require an internet connection. Check out OPPOs’ alternative range smartphones for every budget.

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