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Top 7 premium executive gift ideas

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30th Jan 19 3:39 pm

The hardest thing of gift shopping for your company executive is balancing the form of function and uses of the gift. You also need to find something that is unique and memorable since the gift will represent the company brand as well as an appreciation for the customers. But with all so many gifts to choose, it might be hard to pinpoint about a good concept to use. To help you narrow down the seemingly endless choice of gifts, we have a list of top 7 premium executive gift idea that you can choose from.

1.    Promotional Bags

It is no secret that promotional bags are probably the most used item when it comes to a premium executive gift. It can be a custom canvas tote bag, branded laptop bag, cotton bag, or simply a paper bag. Many companies that do a giveaway event usually give promotional goodie bags as the token of appreciation to customers or even possible clients. It is often seen in an expo or conference with a unique printed design of the company logo on the front, making more exposure to your brand since it’s reusable and can be used in a long time. In Printkick, You can order some with a different design, colour, size and even a customize one according to your order. We are quite flexible with budget and good quality products.

2.    Exclusive Leather Goods

Some exclusive leather good like a travel wallet, leather wash bag, leather notebook and many other leather products you can find in printkick might be a good choice for your premium executive gifts. Not only it’s a good free marketing to attract more clients and customers when your customers use your gift with the logo of your company, but also makes your customer happy with the useful good they receive.

3.    Drinkware

There are so many types of drinkware, from a simple mug to a big and popular tumbler. With its useful and easy to customize design, drinkware might be one of the best choices for your premium executive gifts. A lot of franchise like Starbucks and J.Co use this type of gift for a giveaway as well as merchandise they sell in the store.

4.    Power Bank

If your company is tech savvy or a travel agency then giving a power bank to your customer might be a good idea. With its use to charge your phone fast without having to find a nearby slot to charge, your customers and workers would appreciate this wonderful gift.

5.    Sweets

Who says that you can’t give foods? You can always choose a variant of sweets for your beloved executives and client alike and wrap it in a special gift box.

6.    Clothing

Sweater, T-shirt, polo shirt, jacket and many more, could be a great gift for your workers and client. With winter is around the edge, they will be happy to have a sweater or some clothing gift in hand.

7.    Desk products

There is so many desk furniture you can choose from mouse pad to clocks and calculator that will probably use for your clients’ job.

That’s all about top 7 premium executive ideas you can use! If you are going to find more about the gifts to choose for your company events, you can check it on Printkick, the best UK Supplier to buy your best promotional items and merchandise!

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