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Three dental marketing strategies to help you stand out from your competition

by John Saunders
21st Feb 20 4:29 pm

It’s no longer enough to offer top-notch dental services to everyone who happens to walk through your door. To build a reputation and put your practice on the path to growth, you need to let potential patients know about you before they need you and keep them engaged once they choose you so you benefit from 100% of their lifetime value.

The solution is to partner with a dental marketing company that will take your needs and values to heart. While there are plenty of providers to choose from, dental marketing services by Patient News set the standard when it comes to using demographic scientific research to reach your target audience. It comes down to optimizing every opportunity to interact with an ideal potential patient to never leave new business on the table.

Here are three strategies to keep you ahead of the pack by attracting the patients best suited to your practice and who are most likely to help you increase your production and bottom line:

1. Publish a newsletter that shows you care

Newsletters elicit up to 70% more phone calls from new patients compared to promotional postcards. Because they include educational content about oral health customized to the needs of individual patients and their families, the information you provide demonstrates how you’re uniquely suited to help them.

In this way, you’ll foster trust and keep your services at the front of people’s minds when it’s time to choose a new dentist. You’ll also make a good impression by showing attention to detail in the quality of the writing, the crispness of the images, and even the paper you print it all on.

2. Lead the way with social media

The idea with social media content is to give your followers a tangible sense of your personality and the level of service they can expect to enjoy.

If you aren’t familiar with the ever-evolving trends on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd of other businesses trying to gain headway without an efficient social media marketing plan in place. This is where a dental marketing agency can lend a helping hand.

Such an agency knows it’s harder to convey authenticity through an advertisement than through a social media account. This is because social media provides your followers with insights into who you are and what you do, and why. Your dental marketing consultant will still promote your services on social media, but they will be integrated with a strategy to illustrate why you became a dentist and the role you play in the community you serve.

3. Managing online reviews to your advantage

Because of the large number of review sites online, you need to find a dental marketing company that offers a platform that aggregates these sites into an intuitive interface. This will save you time so that you can use it to craft personalized responses to each and every one of your reviews.

When you respond with kindness and consideration, it makes it clear that you view feedback as an avenue for improvement. This will encourage patients to upgrade their reviews and support your business. As your star-rating improves, users will notice the work you’ve put it to your review responses and realize that a genuine and caring dental professional is behind them.

Putting a marketing plan in motion can be overwhelming when you have a burgeoning dental practice to run. Thankfully, an experienced dental marketing agency can step in to help execute these strategies – and more – to let your ideal patients know that you welcome their business.

Make the call. Stand out and grow your practice today!

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