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Thousands of pubs set to close forever ‘losing part of our culture’

8th May 20 3:18 pm

Emma McClarkin, chief executive of the British Beer and Pub Association has warned some 15,000 pubs could be closed for good if they are not allowed to reopen by October.

She said that the coronavirus lockdown has been “financially devastating” for the industry and further warned of a “double hit” over consumer changes and behaviours when the do reopen.

McClarkin said it is vital the government steps up and provides financial support to all pub landlords across the sector before they reopen.

She said, “I am very, very worried about the sector.

“If you are looking [to reopen pubs] at the end of summer, it is looking very stark indeed.

“We could be losing 40% of our businesses if they do not open by the end of September.”

She said that 40% of the businesses equates to around 15,000 pubs and breweries.

In a grim warning she also said that seeing packed pubs again is now “something of the past,” and social distancing will also reduce capacity indoors by 70%, which will further harm the industry sector.

She said, “There are going to be much fewer people inside our pubs and that is part of the reality going forward.

“In the current situation, people are nervous about going out, but they are definitely nervous about socialising in the way they used to, and it will take time to build that consumer confidence.”

Adding, “A fatal blow for many pubs would be a secondary closure,” should there be another lockdown later in the year due to a second wave.

“We will be losing a part of our British culture if we let our pubs close for good.”

The government are currently proving grants up to £25,000 if their rateable value is less than £51,000.

One of the UK’s top medical chief has warned against going to the pub after lockdown as it will reduce your risk to catching coronavirus.

England’s deputy chief medical officer, Dr Jenny Harries warned that people will have to carefully consider how you travel when the lockdown is to be slowly lifted.

The medical chief warned, “If you go with a whole load of friends that you haven’t seen from before the coronavirus lockdown, sit in a pub in a very small environment, lean well over each other on the table and stay there for some hours face-to-face, that’s really not a good thing to do.”

Dr Harries added, “‘Don’t go to the pub on the way’ is probably the one to reduce your risk, although I recognise that everybody is wanting to do that.”

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