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These are the top 10 richest football clubs

by LLB Editor
20th Apr 16 10:05 am

Who’s the richest of them all?

Inter Milan (Italy) reported revenues of £125.5m for the 2014/15 season, making it the richest football club in the world.

According to Deloitte’s Football Money League report, combined revenue for the top 20 Money League clubs rose 8% to €6.6 billion (£5 billion) in 2014/15.

Take a look at the top 10 richest football clubs:

1. Real Madrid (Spain)

2014/15 revenue: €577m ($657m)


2. FC Barcelona (Spain)

2014/15 Revenue: €561m (£443m)


3. Manchester United (UK)

2014/15 Revenue: €520m (£411m)


4. Paris Saint-Germain (France)

2014/15 Revenue: €481m (£380m)


5. Bayern Munich (Germany)

2014/15 Revenue: €474m (£374m)


6. Manchester City (UK)

2014/15 Revenue: €464m (£366m)


7. Arsenal (UK)

2014/15 Revenue: €436m (£344m)


8. Chelsea (UK)

2014/15 Revenue: €420m (£332m)


9. Liverpool (UK)

2014/15 Revenue: €392m (£310m)


10. Juventus (Italy)

2014/15 Revenue: €324m (£256m)

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