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These are the 50 hottest fintech firms in Europe

by LLB Editor
5th Apr 16 11:18 am

London fintechs feature in just over half the list

London start-up AimBrain, that aims to kill the use of passwords, has just been named the hottest financial technology (fintech) company in Europe.

The FinTech50, a list to celebrate the movers and shakers in the industry, points out that fintech has generated £6bn in revenue in 2015 and employs some 61,000 people.

Julie Lake, co-founder of FinTech50, said: “2016 marks a pivotal point at which big banks and traditional financial institutions are starting to collaborate more closely with the industry’s newest players. London fintechs feature in just over half the list – in part due to the UK’s favourable regulatory environment as well as access to funding and talent.”

Take a look at the 50 hottest fintech firms in Europe

  1.  AimBrain (London, UK)
  2. Algomi (London, UK)
  3. Barzahlen (Berlin, Germany)
  4. BehavioSec (Lulea, Sweden)
  5. Behavox (London, UK)
  6. Bima (Stockholm, Sweden)
  7. Bitnet (Belfast, UK)
  8. Blockchain (London, UK)
  9. Bought By Many (London, UK)
  10. Callsign (London, UK)
  11. Cognia (London, UK)
  12. Contego (Abingdon, UK)
  13. Credit Benchmark (London, UK)
  14. Digital Shadows (London, UK)
  15. Elliptic (London, UK)
  16. Ethereum (Zug, Switzerland)
  17. Everledger (London, UK)
  18. Fenergo (Dublin, Ireland)
  19. Fidor Bank (Munich, Germany)
  20. Five Degrees (Breukelen, Netherlands)
  21. FundApps (London, UK)
  22. InvoiceSharing (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
  23. Iwoca (London, UK)
  24. Kantox (London, UK)
  25. Kaymera (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  26. Knip (Zurich, Switzerland)
  27. LendInvest (London, UK)
  28. Mambu (Berlin, Germany)
  29. MarketInvoice ( London, UK)
  30. Meniga (Reykjavik, Iceland)
  31. Monetas (Zug, Switzerland)
  32. Number26 (Berlin, Germany)
  33. Onfido (London, UK)
  34. Personetics (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  35. Pockit (London, UK)
  36. Prodigy Finance (London, UK)
  37. Property Partner (London, UK)
  38. QuanTemplate ( London, UK)
  39. Raisin (Berlin, Germany)
  40. RateSetter (London, UK)
  41. Ravelin (London, UK)
  42. Revolut (London, UK)
  43. Spotcap (Berlin, Germany)
  44. Suade (London, UK)
  45. Sybenetix (London, UK)
  46. SynerScope (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  47.  Tradle (London, UK)
  48. Traxpay (Frankfurt, Germany)
  49. WeaveWorks (London, UK)
  50.  Yoyo (London, UK)

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