Theresa May hits out at Donald Trump’s remark that the bomber was ‘in the sights’ of the police


Here’s what happened

The prime minister, Theresa May has condemned the “cowardly” Parsons Green attack, she has hit back at President Trump, as he tweeted that the bomber was “in the sights” of the police.

May said: “I never think it’s helpful for anybody to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation.”

The Metropolitan Police also said that Presidents Trump’s comments were “unhelpful” and where “pure speculation.”

May spoke after chairing the COBRA committee meeting and condemned the terror attack, she said that the UK terror threat level will stay at ’severe’ however, it will be kept under review.

She urged the public to “go about their daily lives but remain vigilant,” more armed police will now be present on London’s transport network.

May added that the Improvised Explosive Device was “intended to cause significant harm” as the District line train was packed during the rush hour.

May added: “The police and the security services are obviously doing all the work to discover the full circumstances of this cowardly attack.

“The threat of terrorism that we face is severe, but by working together we will defeat them.

“We do need to ensure we are dealing with not just the terrorist threat but with the extremism and the hate that can actually incite that terrorism.

“That is why we are looking very carefully at the powers that our police and security services have to make sure they have the powers they need.”

So far this year the UK has had a series of unprecedented terror attacks in Westminster, London Bridge, Borough Market, Manchester and Finsbury Park.