There was a 50,000-strong protest in London yesterday, but no one’s reporting it


This is a mysterious thing. There was a major demonstration march in London yesterday, but certain national media outlets seem to be ignoring it.

The march was a demonstration again austerity. It saw thousands of people walk from Portland Place in W1 to Parliament Square, joining organisers The People’s Assembly and a range of trade unions and high-profile figures, such as Russell Brand and Owen Jones.

The Independent and Guardian are reporting that around 50,000 people attended.

But the BBC, Sky News and ITN have so far failed to cover the protest at all. (UPDATE: ITN have now covered the story, at 12:02pm on Monday 23 June.)

Which seems rather odd, when it was such a massive event.

We’d like to know your take on this strange non-reporting.

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Protestor @GeorgeAyl spotted the lack of coverage, and his tweet about it has been retweeted several hundred times already:


Protest organisers The People’s Assembly explain more about the protest here.


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