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The zen of a connected business: Warning signs disconnected data is hitting growth

by LLB Reporter
12th Sep 16 10:17 am

How to master competing currents of information

This article has been produced in partnership with Sage

Millions of business people use different products and apps every day to share financial and customer information with each other. These apps are often key business tools for today’s sales and accounting professionals, but as your business grows, having islands of disconnected data will hold the growth of your business back. Don’t make this mistake…

What would you say if we told you moving financial and customer information from different products and apps to one place in the cloud makes sense, that it will enable your sales and accounting teams to become more productive and efficient?

What would you say if we told you connecting the back office and the front-office in the cloud will give you peace of mind and enable everyone in your business to accomplish more, faster? With a cloud-based accounting solution, you can master the competing currents of information within your business and see things as they are and not as how you’d like them to be. A 2014 IDG report found companies with more effective data grew 35 percent faster.

Then, you can use this new found business insight to answer an even more important question: what does my customer really want? In this special feature, we’re going to explain the three warning signs you must watch out for it you want to know when it’s time to move your important customer and financial information to the cloud. Then, we’ll show you exactly what managing your most important information with a cloud-based accounting solution means for you and for your business.

Finally, in this e-guide below, Sage will explain the nine painful things you won’t miss about having islands of data once you begin using a realtime accounting solution like Sage Live:

Get it by clicking the cover below or clicking here on mobiles:

The zen of a connected business

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The zen of a connected business

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