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The wizard of campbridgeshire – welcome to Nathan Holt’s laser clinic

by John Saunders
13th Jul 19 9:01 am

When Dorothy finally comes face to face with the mighty Wizard of Oz, he is revealed as a hoax. A charlatan behind a curtain filled with a lot of hot air. And while the famous revelations of the story portray a perfect reflection of the power of placebo, the comparison remains startlingly sound.

Many modern-day medical practitioners boast higher claims than their actions or results enforce. In an age of dazzling lights and marvels galore, it’s easy to be swept up in the allure of advertising and the thrill of the expected.

How do you know who you can trust when a new magician sprouts on every corner and miracles become abundant?

Sure, we might not register these miracles for what they are, but that only furthers the point. We’re so saturated with what is possible now in 2019 that we’ve grown accustomed to the extraordinary.

When did the hyper-connectivity of every human on the planet become expected?

When did the breakthroughs which allow us to look younger, erase the physical scars of our past and recapture elements of youth become so much the norm that we’re not even surprised at the volume of practitioners cropping up?

In this arena, a placebo or good intentions and positive vibes won’t save you. A swindler with cheap tricks and the gift of the gab isn’t going to cut it when considering these advanced avenues to a brighter you.

Perception plays a leading role in this game, as ever. With admiring eyes fixed on the stars and conscious hands weighing our pockets, so many of us are looking for those miracles and praying the cheapest option will suffice.

It won’t. But the truth is, professional services don’t have to break the bank.

At the Cambridge Laser Clinic, owned and run by Doctor Nathan Holt and his specialist team of dedicated dermatologists, the real wizards of our time are in session.

Thousands have their names on the lips and a song of praise in their hearts for the medical magic Doc Holt and his team have performed.

Aren’t you curious why?

A laser clinic with a true code of ethics

Nathan Holt and his team understand that aesthetic procedures are a science and art, and deserving of the utmost respect.

In the age of upsells and commissions, the level of respect the staff at Cambridge Laser Clinic bring to the playing field is the rarest of marvels. Choosing to forsake the internal adulation of peers for ‘making a sale’ in exchange for unflinching integrity, the team at this laser clinic always have your best interests at heart.

Not only are they more interested in what’s best for you than lining their own pockets, but these laser wizards also adhere to the most rigid of quality care guidelines.

One of the main influencing factors in the rapid increase of charlatan practitioners, other than a rise in cheap and ineffective equipment, is legislation passed in October 2010. This act essentially meant laser clinics were no longer regulated by the Care Quality Commission, and that anyone can operate formerly restricted lasers and light systems anywhere they choose without training or safety systems.

Naturally, Nathan Holt and his team of laser specialists, already dedicated to the art of their craft, decided they would forever hold by the rigorous standards of the CQC regardless of the lack of a requirement to do so.

Today, countless conman clinics exist in an unregulated environment, upselling potentially dangerous treatments which require skill, wisdom and experience that their so-called practitioners simply do not possess.

The laser wizard and his team

A huge part of the success enjoyed by the Cambridge Laser Clinic is their independent status.

These wizards of the Cambridge skin and laser scene not only deliver all their treatments personally, they each own their enterprise.

This may not seem massive, but it is. When you trust your beauty to Doc Holt’s team of doctors, nurses and practitioners, their ownership of the company means the middle man is cut from the equation, and the highest quality treatments at the best possible prices land directly in your lap.

Able to focus solely on performing miracles for each client to walk through their doors, the Cambridge Laser Clinic aims to provide consistently maximum value at affordable rates.

Of course, this all sounds terrific on paper, but how can you trust someone you don’t know?

Simple. Get to know them.

Doctor Nathan Holt is regarded as one of the leading experts in skin and laser procedures in the country.

His adventures stretch across the last quarter of a century, during which he has performed over one hundred thousand successful treatments. A member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and British Medical Laser Association, Dr Holt operates over twenty advanced laser platforms and boasts a glowing reputation well-earned.

Whatever your qualms, you can rest assured this team of genuinely caring specialists can guide you through to the best option for you.

Passionate about the process, Dr Holt and his team stand by a quote which should resonate with everyone waking up to the potential of skin and laser treatment.

“Aesthetics is a branch of medicine that starts where the beauty salon finishes and ends when the surgeon cuts you with a knife. We do everything in-between these extremes.”

No miracle too great or small for these lasers

At the Cambridge Laser Clinic, you’ll find only the most comprehensive range of high-quality treatments, each tailored to fit your individual needs.

A key fact to keep in mind for anyone considering laser treatment is that no single laser system is a master of all procedures. All laser systems are not created equal, and the quality and ability range from atrocious to amazing.

With this knowledge, and their austere code of ethics held close to heart, the Cambridge Laser Clinic only equips themselves with the most innovative technology available.

Nathan Holt and his team refuse to compromise on the quality of their tech, instead investing heavily in the latest and greatest machines money can buy, unshakable in their desire to offer you the best treatment imaginable.

The technology these wizards use to enable their miracles takes treatment success to a level previously unfathomable, like true works of mystical art.

With equipment sourced from the world’s leading laser manufacturers, such as Alma, Asclepion, Candela and Cynosure, you know you’re not just in experienced hands, you’re dealing with cutting-edge processes and the highest conceivable success rates in history.

A miracle really is awaiting you.

Free consultations

Whether you’re hunting hair or tattoo removal, skin resurfacing, or to abolish those unsightly facial thread veins, to name but a few possibilities, Cambridge Laser Clinic offers entirely free consultations with no obligation.

With the extensive range of treatments available and top of the line equipment on hand, Doctor Holt and his team can discuss and design bespoke packages tailored for you and iron out any details or concerns you have without you even spending a penny.

From free consultation all the way through to recovery and aftercare, you’ll be guided by the same practitioner, building the warmth and trust of comfort and familiarity, secure in the knowledge this treatment was perfect for you.

And because you know this is a team praised for quality over quantity and experience over sly eloquence, that trust builds swiftly.

Anyone leaving their consultation with Doc Holt and his team will take each step with faith in the path ahead, and sleep soundly knowing their brighter tomorrow isn’t far off being today.

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