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The West ‘are on the brink of major conflict’ if Iran continues to threaten Western interests

17th Jan 24 3:43 pm

A Pentagon source has warned that if Iran continues to threaten Western interest and carries on supplying weapons to the Houthis militants in Yemen then the world will be on the brink of “major conflict.”

Iran has carried out strikes on Syria and Iraq and fired a missile inside Pakistan on Tuesday evening.

The Pentagon insider warned that mainly Iran will spark “World War Three” as conflict is escalating across the Middle East.

On Saturday the US conducted another bombing raid in Yemen and on Sunday the US military confirmed that one of their fighter jets shot down an anti-ship cruise missile that the Houthis militants had fired at an American destroyer in the Red Sea.

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The Defence Secretary Grant Shapps said the UK will now “wait and see” before making the decision to take part in further airstrikes on the Houthis in Yemen.

Speaking to Daily Express US, defence expert Nicholas Drummond said, “Iran’s agenda in the region, and globally, has been exposed. And Iran is on the back foot.

“The West is saying to Iran ‘behave yourself, or we will attack you directly’.

“I think it’s highly possible that if Iran continues to act through proxies, or to act directly, that threatens Western interests, we could see military action taken against Iran, and that would be a major conflict in the Middle East.”

He added, “I think Iran has to be very, very careful. It has been playing a dangerous game. And it’s about to get punished if it doesn’t step back.

“You saw that [Iran] fired a missile into Syria and… it was ostensibly taking out rebel targets but it was [also] demonstrating, it has a missile capable of reaching Israel from Iran that could have with a nuclear warhead – it could target Tel Aviv.

“That’s the message it’s sending. And, of course, if Iran did that, it would be the end of Iran, frankly.”

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