Home Business News Houthis militants are’ training for war’ against Israel amid ‘this brutal British aggression on Yemen’

Houthis militants are’ training for war’ against Israel amid ‘this brutal British aggression on Yemen’

by LLB political Reporter
14th Jan 24 3:03 pm

Iranian backed Houthis militants are “training for war” and the group have released a video showing their fighters attacking a fake Israeli settlement.

The fighters have defied the US and UK airstrikes as they are continuing their attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea.

The video is titled “Ready for Battle of the he Promised Conquest and Holy Jihad,” which was released on Friday.

The video shows Yemeni troops tearing down posters of the Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu and can been seen taking Jewish hostages who are being dragged into a jeep.

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The video shows the troops blowing the fake Israeli settlement and the Houthis militants can be seen training snipers.

The soldiers can be heard chanting in the video, “We will not give up.”

Hassan Ahmadian, Professor of Middle East studies at the University of Tehran, Hassan Ahmadian warned that the coalition airstrikes will only strengthen the Houthis and boost support for the militants.

Speaking to the BBC he said, many Yemenis were “rallying around the flag,” and many Yemenis troops told Reuters that they support the Houthis with the attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea.

This supports what Lord David Cameron said on Sunday, the Foreign Secretary said that the Houthis militants are the ones who have made great efforts to escalate the conflict in the Middle East by attacking commercial vessels in the Red Sea.

Lord Cameron warned the world in is in a period of peril and that the “lights are absolutely flashing red as it were on the global dashboard.”

The actions of the Houthis is posing a threat to global trade of container vessels passing through the Suez Canal which is now forcing them to travel thousands of miles around the Cape of Good Hope which could raise prices by as much as 30%.

“The escalation has been caused by the Houthis. I mean the point is since November 19, you have had these 26 attacks,” Lord Cameron told the BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg.

He added, “There have been more of them, they have been getting worse, and you know, not acting is also a policy, it is a policy that doesn’t work.”

A Yemeni local Nour al-Din Shamiri said, “This brutal British aggression on Yemen is because the Yemeni people are standing with Gaza and with the resistant Palestinian people.”

A retired government worker, Hussein Kabsi, said, “Our stance is unwavering – we will stand with our brothers in Palestine and Gaza until victory and until all Palestinian land is liberated – not just Gaza.”

The director of the US Joint Staff, Lt Gen Douglas Sims, said, “Their rhetoric has been pretty strong, and pretty high, and we expect that they will attempt some sort of retaliation.

“I would hope that they don’t retaliate, but we’re prepared in the event that they do.”

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