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The travel cost of fuel to all football away matches revealed

by LLB Reporter
18th Jan 23 11:24 am

According to the statistics from used car buying service, ChooseMyCar.com, the cost of travelling to all Newcastle’s games would be a whopping £1,922.

That’s compared to travelling to all Arsenal’s games (the cheapest team), which came in at less than half this cost at £903.

This would be the travel cost of fuel to all away matches, and doesn’t include match tickets, kits, or other memorabilia that might add to the cost of supporting your favourite team. If you’d like to do your own journey calculations, you can use ChooseMyCar’s fuel calculator tool at https://choosemycar.com/car-fuel-cost-calculator <https://choosemycar.com/car-fuel-cost-calculator> .

Also at the pricier end of the spectrum was Bournemouth, at £1,389, Everton at £1,343 and Brighton at £1,304.

The cheapest team to support by travelling to their away games was Arsenal at £903, followed by Chelsea, at £906, Fulham, at £912, and Leicetser, at £919.

Looking at journey costs, Liverpool against Everton is the cheapest at 39 pence, however we’re sure fans will need to take the drive around Stanley Park for this away day. The longest return fixture is between Newcastle and Bournemouth, a 696 miles journey costing nearly £150 in fuel.

If you’re debating which team to support in some of the most famous team rivalries, then here’s how they compare:

  • Everton vs Liverpool: £1,343 v £1,292
  • Tottenham vs Arsenal: £927 v £903
  • Man City vs Man Utd: £1,202 v £1204
  • Fulham vs Chelsea £912 v £906

However, the results soon change when you add in the cost of season tickets to attend the matches. Once you add that in, Tottenham comes in as the most expensive (£2,952 for travel and tickets), with Arsenal hot on its heels in second place (£2,742). Newcastle then drops down to third place, with a total price of £2,733.

Cheapest team to support with this combined costing is Brentford at just £1,478, with Nottingham Forest next at £1,517, Leicester City at £1,679 and Aston Villa at £1,700.

Founder of ChooseMyCar.com Nick Zapolski, (a Manchester United supporter), said fans should consider car sharing where you can to make sure you can afford to keep supporting your team.

“Times are hard, but none of us want to miss our chance to support our teams this season.

“When travelling to away matches fans often use official buses or train options so they can enjoy the day, however the costs can rack up quickly.

“Driving to fixtures can help save some time and costs, especially if you car pool with other fans.”

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