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The story behind the posters everywhere saying police are “really racist”

16th Dec 14 12:26 pm

“We caused the 2011 riots by shooting dead an unarmed civilian and then lying about it. And we got away with it.”

So says one of the full-height bus-stop adverts that’s been springing up around cities across the UK, emblazoned with a doctored police logo with the words “City Racist Police” stamped over it.

Another read: “You’re 28 times more likely to be stopped and searched in London if you don’t have white skin, because we’re still really racist.”

There are photos circulating on Twitter that seem to show police cordoning off the posters. Some bystanders are saying that they have been asked by police not to take photos of them.

Now we know who’s behind the provocative posters: STRIKE! magazine.

The counter-culture mag focuses on “politics, philosophy, art, subversion and sedition”, it says on its website.

STRIKE! has announced via Twitter that it was behind the campaign – well, it’s admitted to designing the posters, at least. It’s claiming ignorance over who put them up.

Since then, it’s been posting links explaining its thinking for the posters.

You can find out more from STRIKE!’s posts here:

Clear Channel, which owns the advertising space, has said that it will remove the posters as they are not part of an official campaign.



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