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The ‘number of guided bombs fired’ by Russia at ‘Ukraine is growing’

by LLB political Reporter
7th Nov 23 7:51 am

Spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force Yuriy Ihnat has said that the “number of guided bombs” being fired by Russia at Ukraine “is growing.”

Despite this Ihnat has said it is possible to combat them, only by suppressing operations of Russia’s tactical aircraft.
Ihnat said that Russia are able to “strike remotely” using the guided bombs and most of them do not reach their intended target.

Ihnat said, “The number of guided bombs fired by the enemy is increasing.

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“The enemy does not use conventional free-fall bombs due to the fact that the Air Force controls the sky in the government-controlled territory.

“Therefore, the enemy uses guided bombs. With these aerial bombs, they [the enemy forces] are able to strike remotely, approximately at a distance of 50 kilometers from the combat line or the state border.”

Ihnat said that most of the bombs quite often do not hit their targets as long as “the enemy sets the goal of defeat by quantity rather than quality.”

He said, “Six months ago we saw single application of such bombs from Su-34, Su-35 aircraft, mainly in Beryslav district, Kherson region, while today we can see the use of these bombs virtually along the entire combat line.

“Dozens, more than fifty bombs a day fly at the positions of Ukrainian soldiers.”

The Air Force spokesperson, said it is possible to fight guided bombs, but only by suppressing Russia’s tactical aviation of the Su-34, Su-35, auxiliary aircraft, and helicopters.

He added, “We are unlikely to be able to fight bombs. Of course, you can try to knock them down, but this will not lead to the desired results.

“There are certain objective reasons. You can only fight by suppressing the activities of tactical aviation.”

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