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Expert warns Ukraine’s counteroffensive is ‘pretty bleak’ as the focus is on the Middle East

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
6th Nov 23 3:07 pm

A military expert has warned that Ukraine’s frontlines will likely remain “static” until everything freezes.

Tensions in the Middle East has taken “away the focus” and Ukrainian forces are in “urgent need” of weapons and the situation over the coming months is looking “pretty bleak” after five months of the Spring counteroffensive.

Military analyst Sean Bell warned, “Five months into this spring offensive, things are looking pretty bleak for Ukraine.”

He told Sky News, “But the main focus has been breaking through Russian defences.”

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He added, “The Ukrainians could probably not have been better prepared. They had all the weapons, they had all the training and the money, but frankly five to six months into that offensive the lines haven’t moved a great deal and frankly the front line looks as if it’s stalled.

“We are in the middle of the winter. Until the freeze arrives, everything will likely remain static.

“But even then it’s going to be very difficult to make progress until the springtime.”

It seems that both sides have reached a stalemate and neither Kyiv or Moscow can resolve.

Andrii Yermak, the chief of staff to Ukrainian President has called on world leaders not to forget about Ukraine as tensions rise in the Middle East.

Italy’s Prime Minister, Georgia Meloni, has said that “a lot of fatigue from all sides” has set in and that there must be a resolution.

Speaking to Politico Yermak said, “Even if there are people who feel this fatigue, I’m sure they don’t want to wake up in a world tomorrow where there will be less freedom and less security, and the consequences of this last for decades.”

Yermak added, “Think for a moment, if Britain in 1939 had felt tired of Poland, or if the US … felt tired of Britain, would there be such a thing as Poland today, Britain, or Europe as we see it now?

“We could not afford fatigue then or now. That will repeat itself for sure if these people with ‘fatigue’ stop supporting Ukraine.

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