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Ukraine needs ‘superiority in the air and on land’ as Russia is forcing a ‘positional’ stage

by LLB political Reporter
3rd Nov 23 6:49 am

The Russian Federation are moving the war to the “positional” stage and Ukraine needs superiority in the air and on land.

Otherwise a protracted war will provide Russian force with the ability to build up their military potential on the battlefields.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhny said in his article for The Economist, “Ukraine not only halted an invasion by a far stronger enemy but liberated much of its territory.

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“However, the war is now moving to a new stage: what we in the military call ‘positional’ warfare of static and attritional fighting.

“This will benefit Russia, allowing it to rebuild its military power, eventually threatening Ukraine’s armed forces and the state itself.”

Zaluzhny warned that positional warfare will carry an enormous risk for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the wider country of Ukraine.

He insisted that the only way out will be superiority over Russian troops, with everything, air superiority, significantly improved electronic warfare and anti-battery warfare capabilities.

He added that new mine clearance technologies will enable them to mobilise and train more reserves for action.
“New, innovative approaches can turn this war of position back into one of manoeuvre,” Zaluzhny said.

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