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The most sustainable eco-friendly places in London

by John Saunders
4th Jul 19 12:39 pm

London is one of the biggest cities in the world, harboring one of the largest population at the same time. Estimates say that in about ten years, the population of London will amount to some 10 million people living there. The result of such an outpour of people will mean much more pressure on London’s green spaces and areas. So what are they planning to do about it?

In fact, London officials are already doing something to prevent a massive ecological disaster that comes with more people living in one area. London is already struggling with waste disposal and cleaning out their cities, but as they were able to find out, green areas are what prevent people from littering and make the city fresh.

This is why they are opting to expand London’s green and blue areas so they occupy half of the city. The idea is to create a National Park City, which is supposed to be finished by 2050. This will amount to more parks and water areas around the city and the idea is quite possible as the figure currently stands at 47%.

In the wake of this campaign, more and more places and companies around London are adopting an eco-friendly policy. Besides eco-friendly restaurants and hangouts, we also have eco-friendly cleaning companies like Handy Cleaners, which adopt a comprehensive set of eco-friendly principles a guarantee a green cleaning experience.

Most of the people of London have realized this and have started pushing for a green and healthier way of existence. So that is why there is a big rise in places which aim to keep everything eco-friendly and clean in the wake of this big camping that will turn London into one of the greenest and cleanest cities in the world.

Caravan Coffee Roasters

Caravan is one of the leading restaurant chains in London. But what makes them unique is their eco-friendly policy. They became popular by branding their own type of coffee, which comes with an experimental menu and all kinds of delicious stuff that you can try. But what makes them relevant here are their eco-friendly policies.

All of Caravan’s take out coffee cups are 100% compostable. The chain also encourages their customers to cut down on creating waste by using reusable receptacles. There are various additional campaigns that allow you to get a discount on the products to serve there if you have your own reusable mug or if you have a loyalty card.

The London Zoo

The London Zoo has adopted a campaign that they refer to as “Plastic not So Fantastic,” and they are completely right. In an effort to show Londoners how much plastic is thrown away within their city, the Zoo officials have constructed an entire building made out of plastic. All the plastic used to make it was gathered within the zoo or all over town. It shows just how much people are wasteful.

When you enter the building, there are many tips and stories about how devastating plastic is and how important it is to reuse it. It is a great way of raising awareness and a fabulous construct to relive plastic garbage piles in the city.

Clerkenwell Kitchen

Owners Emma and Laura went out of their way to create Clerkenwell kitchen, one of the most sustainable and healthiest restaurants in London. First of all, the produce used to make the food here is entirely organic. The meat is free-range and the menu changes every day.

The idea is to offer a different specialty each day to visitors made entirely of healthy ingredients. The ever-changing seasonal food is really delicious and they only serve British specialties. But they only work on weekdays.

The Pear Tree Kitchen

Yet another conscientious restaurant in London focused on sustainability. The Pear Three Kitchen takes the example of an Australian type of a restaurant and serves Londoners everything that they want from breakfast to exclusive dinners. Not only that, they serve great sweets and the best coffee in miles.

If you come with a reusable mug, you get a stamp on your loyalty card. This qualifies you for more wonderful goodies that they have to offer. But the main idea is to keep the world clean and reduce littering by using reusable and biodegradable containers.

Bulk Market

If you follow eco-friendly internet trends then you might have probably heard of the Bulk Market. It first started as a Hackney pop-up but later on started gaining popularity because of the large support from the community. After a successful fundraising project, they were able to open a real live shop with the aim of bringing us fresh and organic produce.

The store is made in a retro style with glass jars all around containing the products that you want to get. The aim is that whatever you buy you carry in your tote bags and wicker baskets, eliminating the need for plastic bags and other similar types of containers.

Grain Store

The Grain Store was created by chef Bruno Loubet and is situated at Kings Cross. The idea that Bruno decided to go with is to make food where vegetables have equal billing as meat, meaning that the main part of your dish is oftentimes meat. He uses various meats and fish to make his food, but the important part is that all the meat is organic and free-range. Also, meat uses more organic resources than vegetables, which is the concept that he is using for his dishes.

Besides the food, the establishment itself uses a state of the art technology system which monitors energy consumption within it. They also support a campaign of using filtered water and half of the proceeds they get from its sale goes off to local charities.

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