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The importance of professional pharmaceutical translations by CPSL

by John Saunders
9th Feb 19 4:14 pm

In the business world, the need for translation services is widespread. As long as a company is selling goods or services in locations where the native language is not properly understood, various translation services will become necessary. In many situations in fact, local legislation requires the use of translation to best meet the needs of the local consumer.

While correct pro translation is necessary for all goods and services, the service becomes of critical importance when you are dealing with pharmaceutical products. Where these products are involved, translation becomes a matter of life and death. That is why there have been numerous heart-breaking reports of fatalities that have been occasioned by improper pharmaceutical translation. When you consider that you might be putting people’s lives at risk and the consequences this could have on a brand, the importance of engaging true pros for this crucial service cannot be emphasized enough.

Global products require global translation services

Today, a product produced in the US or China might have consumers all over the world. A pharmaceutical product produced in one country might therefore cross geographical borders and get consumers in countries where the language of the manufacturer has just a handful of people fluent in it.

For a pharmaceutical product to be administered professionally the product has to be understood beyond a shadow of doubt. This therefore means that you do not only need to engage translators who are fluent in the foreign language but also those that have a professional background in pharmacy. That is the only way you can be sure that the instructions you have provided for the consumption of your product are effectively communicated to your customers. Employing true pros also means that you do not take the risk of getting users of your product harmed by overdosing on the medicine. Such translations also educate consumers of possible side effects and the actions they need to take when they notice certain symptoms.

Pro translation saves time and money

It takes years of painstaking work to produce a revolutionary product and your pharmaceutical product could have been developed through a very rigorous process. It might then prove very disappointing when all the years of hard work fail to produce fruits quickly enough just because you lack the services of competent pharmaceutical translators. Lack of such a service usually means that you are unable to comply with the legislation of certain countries and can therefore not market your product there.

In many jurisdictions the company selling a pharmaceutical product will need to educate drug administrators to ensure the safety of patients. In a world where business competition is cut-throat what this means is that competitors who might even have an inferior product end up taking advantage and getting an edge over you. This is a scenario you can avoid by making sure that you contract pros that have the capacity to provide translations in many languages. Pharmaceutical translations by CPSL are available in dozens of languages ensuring that by contracting us you save both your marketing time and money.

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