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The future of online business education

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19th Feb 21 10:09 am

The skyrocketing costs of a full-time business management course and the time commitment required for a university degree are the two main reasons driving the popularity of online business education programs, which are less theoretical and more focused on real-world problem-solving.

A shift in talent sourcing policies has also taken place in recent years, with businesses increasingly preferring tech-savvy graduates from industry-recognised online educational institutions, such as Learning Cloud Australia, which has a reputation for delivering business education aligned to today’s industry standards.

A recent study reveals that over 80% of educators say hybrid knowledge delivery models, facilitated through dynamic online platforms, create more engagement and better learning outcomes. The report also states that nearly 70% are convinced that online collaborative networks can help identify best practices for business education.

Besides leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to deliver personalised, real-time tutoring, virtual management programs incorporate features that demonstrate how the future of online business education is shaping up.

Making learning a more customised experience

Easy accessibility and flexibility are the key components of an online learning environment that empowers students to learn according to their convenience, at their own pace.

With virtual discussion boards to online case studies, eBooks to interactive digital media, and all other learning materials at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere, students can have a more personalised experience while staying engaged with instructors, mentors, and peers. As digital technologies grow and mature further, it’s going to give learners more control of what they want to learn and how.

Enhancing the convenience and collaborative benefits of business education

Virtual learning students to enables pursue their course, participate in webinars, and attend exams — all from the comfort of their home. It quashes the common challenges such as having to follow specific schedule or pay for public transport or being limited in other ways. Plus, it creates a more collaborative environment, which will further help identify and support best practices in management education.

Playing a role in impressing recruiters

A certification in business education from a prestigious online learning platform shows your employers that you are committed to learning new knowledge and skills. It also assures employers that you have practical, hands-on experience of solving real-life problems. An online certification definitely looks good on a resume, and with the emphasis on online learning growing rapidly across the globe, the value of a virtual management degree is only getting stronger in the job market.

Top-quality tutor-student interactions

Online business education facilitates high quality tutor-student interactions because tutors have a variety of teaching approaches available to them. In addition, teachers are able to engage with individual learners much more than they normally would do in traditional classes. Top business education programmes that are offered online have a ceiling on the number of students that can enrol, ensuring adequate time for one-to-one student-tutor interaction.

Controlling the cost of learning

An online business education curriculum is more affordable than any traditional business management course. It is estimated that the total average cost of an online degree is US$50,000 less than that of a traditional degree. That’s because an online setup eliminates the expenses related to infrastructure, operation, and maintenance of a traditional university. The money saved paves the way for affordable learning, which makes career-focused knowledge available to a broader audience.

While it’s difficult to predict exactly where the online learning industry will be in the next five to ten years, one thing is for sure — it is on its way to define the new era in the future of business education as more and more students and recruiters embrace the advantages of online higher education programs.

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